Iggy Azalea: Criticism of Me Is “100,000 Percent” Because I Have a Vagina

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea spoke about her feuds.  

Iggy Azalea is fully aware of her haters. The Australian rapper, 24, spoke to Vanity Fair about the criticism she faces, and why she thinks she inspires such hate. 

Azalea caught up with the magazine in the midst of a public feud with fellow female rapper Azealia Banks. While much of the spat between the two women revolves around race, the "Fancy" performer told VF that other negative judgments of her have a lot more to do with her gender. 

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"They don't say that stuff about Macklemore," she explained, invoking another white rapper. "So, yes, I think it has 100,000 percent to do with the fact that I have a vagina."

Azalea added that she "never thought it was strange" that she got into a traditionally African-American genre as a white woman from a small town in Australia. 

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"If you go back to the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley and Eminem—they've all basically done black music," she said. "I felt this wasn't that far from what we've seen in music history over and over again."

The "Problem" performer's gamble paid off, as she topped charts with the singles off of her debut studio album, The New Classic. Azalea told VF that her rise to fame changed her life "in every possible way." 

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"Some bad, some good," she explained. "I can't walk down the street anymore, and I have to be very selective when I grocery shop. I went from having nothing to having everything I could possibly want. It's weird. It's almost scarily easy to quickly forget that you had nothing."

Once she became a household name, Azalea began to face attacks on her personal life, as rumor spread that there was a sex tape of the rapper and an ex-boyfriend making the rounds. 

"I do not have a sex tape," she told Vanity Fair, shooting down the reports after previously dismissing the claims on Twitter. "I would remember if I had a sex tape. But if I did have a sex tape it would be completely f–king fine and my own business."

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