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Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Has Been “Depressed As Hell”: “I’ve Lost All My Friends”

Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons perform on February 5, 2015
Dan Reynolds of the Imagine Dragons spoke about his tough times.

Dan Reynolds and his band Imagine Dragons topped charts with the single "Demons," and now the musician is opening up about some of his own. 

The Las Vegas-born singer, 27, revealed some struggles in his personal life in new interviews with News Corp Australia and Billboard this week.

"The last few years have been the highest highs for me and certainly the lowest lows," Reynolds admitted. "That's not to say it's some sob story because everything has been wonderful and we have had everything happen that we could ever have wanted to happen. 

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"But I have certainly dealt with quite a bit of depression," he added to the Australian publication. "I have for many years, but it’s been at its worst and heaviest these last two years."

Reynolds added to Billboard that he's been "depressed as hell."

The rocker's tough times coincided with Imagine Dragons' rise to fame. The group saw massive success with the 2012 release of the hit single "Radioactive," and followed up with "Demons," "On Top of the World," and "Monster." Later this month, the band is scheduled to debut a sophomore studio album, Smoke + Mirrors

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"That's a scary thing when you get everything that you could have wanted but yet you still feel an emptiness," Reynolds continued to the Aussie newspaper. "Because at that point you think, 'Oh man, if this doesn't fill it, then I don’t know where to look any more.'"

He expressed a similar sentiment to Billboard, telling the publication that as he has risen to fame, his friends have started to disappear. 

"It's lonely when your life changes like this," he told the music mag. "I've lost all my friends. It's not like we had some blowout arguments or that I feel I'm too cool — the relationships feel false. Anytime I'm talking to someone, I feel they're just thinking about Imagine Dragons. Probably a lot of them aren't treating me differently. I just can't get over it."

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In the midst of his flourishing professional life and personal struggles, Reynolds has started a family. The musician married singer Aja Volkman several years ago, and the couple welcomed their first child, daughter Arrow, in 2012. The star said in one of his interviews that he had a moment of clarity about how much he has to live for with his family.

"I didn’t feel any fear of dying — and that scared me," Reynolds explained to News Corp Australia. "I thought, 'That's an awful way to live. I have a wonderful 2-year-old daughter and [a] wife that I love and a great career doing what I love.' That made me feel like I needed to reevaluate my life and find a deeper appreciation for it."