It’ll Cost You $550 if You Go Near George Clooney’s Italian Villas

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney
The mayor of Laglio has reportedly ordered a fine for anyone who goes within a certain distance of George Clooney's Italian villas Rachel Murray/Getty Images

A memo to the civilians and tourists in Italy: Do not go near George Clooney's villas. We repeat: Do not go near Clooney's gorgeous, stately, mesmerizing homes in Lake Como, Italy. If you don't heed our advice, you may find yourself having to shell out some cold hard cash as The Telegraph reports that lurkers or negligent drivers and boaters who leave their vehicles within 100 meters (roughly 328 feet and 1 inch) of either of Clooney's two Italian villas will face a steep fine of 500 Euros — which is about $546. This order doesn't come from Clooney and his wife, Amal, but rather Roberto Pozzi, the mayor of Laglio. So listen up!

Apparently, Clooney really values his privacy. The Telegraph notes that the actor snatched up his second residence, Villa Margherita, to help protect him from the leering public. The vastness of his first abode, Villa Oleandra — which he has called home since 2001 — didn't shroud him quite enough.

This isn't the first time the public has had to be shooed away from Clooney's Italian home. Last summer, Mayor Pozzi stated that Cooney's villa was a "no-go zone" because, as Mayor Pozzi put it, "there have been unpleasant episodes in the past, for example, people going right up under the windows of the house and yelling the actor’s name." That does sound unpleasant.

Meanwhile, George and Amal aren't even in Italy right now. The classy couple have been in NYC as Amal prepares to begin her stint as a visiting professor at Columbia University Law School.

The brainy beauty has already expressed how excited she is to begin her academic adventures at Columbia. "It is an honor to be invited as a visiting professor at Columbia Law School alongside such a distinguished faculty and talented student pool," she said in a statement last month. "I look forward to getting to know the next generation of human rights advocates studying here."

That's right — she plans on getting to know her students. In New York, the couple is all, "Yeah, you can come near us! We'll talk to people!" But in Italy, they'd prefer if you steer clear of their abode. (Actually, you should probably steer clear of where they're staying in NYC, too. Give 'em some privacy, folks!)

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