Jamie Chung Has Never Watched Husband Bryan Greenberg in ‘One Tree Hill’

Jake Jaglieski was one of the most crush-worthy characters on One Tree Hill — but Jamie Chung wouldn’t know! As it turns out, the Gifted actress has never watched her husband Bryan Greenberg on the teen drama.

“Oh my God! I’m 34 so I feel like I just missed it I think. I didn’t watch that,” Chung, 34, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I just wasn’t into those kind of dramas to be honest.”

She adds: “I think we were in a hotel in a random city and a rerun popped up but it’s too dated for me. He has like weird hair. I swear to God looked like a bowl haircut and a puma shell necklace. And I was like I cannot watch this show! It never happened.”

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Greenberg played the Tree Hill basketball player alongside series regulars Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz and Hilarie Burton. He and Burton’s Peyton were momentarily linked before he went off to find his baby girl.

“He’s a drifter. He’s probably still trying to find his daughter Jenny,” Greenberg, 39, tells Us, laughing.

“That’s the storyline? You lost your daughter?” Chung interjects.

Greenberg replies: “Yeah. I had an evil baby momma too who kept stealing my daughter away from me. … I was trying to find her.”

“Oh, that’s horrible,” Chung said, joking: “Spoiler alert!”

Chung may not have been a Ravens fan, but she has seen Greenberg’s other work up close. The couple — who tied the knot in October 2015 — starred together in the film It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.

Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung arrive at the 18th Annual Post-Golden Globes Party hosted by Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. C Flanigan/Getty Images

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“That movie came to us because I worked with Emily [Ting] on two different films and she had us in mind for this project. Well, really she had Jamie in mind I think and I sort of came with it!” Greenberg recalls. “That was a fun project because we actually were creatively involved in that. We worked with her on many drafts of the script and we ended up producing it. It was a challenge to work with each other because we know each other so intimately but then we had to play like we didn’t. And so Jamie suggested we get separate apartments, which we did while we were shooting. … I think it was a nice, cool experience to do while we were engaged.”

Greenberg and Chung played Josh and Ruby in the film, who hit it off after meeting in Hong Kong, but are both involved in other relationships.

“What I thought was so interesting about the movie was that you’re casting two nights in these people’s lives and it is this gray area where nothing is physically done but there is so much emotion there,” the How to Make it in America alum tells Us. “There was a third act discussion but ultimately we felt it was a movie about Hong Kong, about these two special people and two special nights and I just think it’s a beautiful thing to keep it at that.”

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The ending had audiences guessing — as the two debated whether or not to retreat to his apartment for the night.

“I liked keeping it in that weird limbo place and not giving these characters an ending, really. It’s like, lets just capture this moment. And we don’t know where it takes us. It’s kind of up to the audience. And I thought that was really cool,” he says. “I think the movie wouldn’t have had the same effect if you knew where it ended. I don’t know. It kind of leaves you wanting more and leaning in and caring about what happened.”

Chung agrees. “I think we wanted to end it on a way where the audience wanted more and they had to decide whether or not a relationship that kind of started in a gray area morally whether or not a relationship like that would work out.”

Still, she has her theories as to what happened next. Pulling from their own lives, she quips: “She went to his apartment, they got married in Santa Barbara and they got a dog named Ewok!”

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