Jenni “JWOWW” Farley Reveals Plans for a “Jersey Shore” Style Wedding

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Thanks to the phenomenal success of "Jersey Shore," Jenni "JWoww" Farley's life has been forever changed. "I met my now fiancé [Roger Mathews] because of that show, and met my best friend [Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi], my godson [Snooki's baby Lorenzo], and it's played such a huge role in mapping out my whole life from here on out," Farley tells omg!. So it's no wonder that Farley, who plans to marry Mathews next summer, will add some special "Jersey Shore" touches to her big day, which she hopes to have in the ultimate party city of Las Vegas.

"[Vinny Guadagnino's] Uncle Nino has to be one of my ushers!" the 26-year-old Farley exclaims. "Can you imagine him escorting everyone down the aisle?!" But, as "Jersey Shore" fans know, Uncle Nino's made it clear that he's enamored of JWoww, so wouldn't she be worried that he'd try to stop the ceremony? "He probably would! But that's why I love him," Farley says with a laugh. Uncle Nino's not the only one Farley wants to have involved on the big day. "Vinny's mom I want to have helping [in the kitchen]. She's such an amazing cook, so she can like supervise and be like 'you need to perfect all these meals.' I want Pauly deejaying, the girls [will be] part of my bridesmaids. Roger wants Ronnie in part of his group, so everyone's going to be incorporated, everyone's families are going to come. Mike's brothers and sisters, Pauly's family, everyone's family is going to be part of it."

While Farley has big dreams for her nuptials, she confesses that she hasn't had time to begin planning it yet. She hasn't booked a venue or made a deal to televise it though she's pretty sure that she can convince her more private fiancé to sign off on that but she does have an idea of what she wants it to look like. "I just envision it being white with accents of pink and black those are my two favorite colors," Farley says. "I don't even know how to put them together, but me in a white dress, and my bridesmaids in baby pink with black accents, and then the boys in black with pink accents."

Why she drinks 'probably once a month' now

The final season of "Jersey Shore," which is currently airing on MTV, shows Farley and Mathews experiencing some rocky times in their relationship, which she chalks up to "summer love at the Jersey Shore." However, Farley insists that the romance is still going strong and viewers will see the couple's more lovey-dovey side in the spin-off "Snooki and JWoww," which returns for a second season in January.

Something else fans should expect to on the show is a healthier JWoww. Unlike in the early days of the show, the former party girl says that she now only drinks alcohol "probably once a month. And that may just be like a glass of wine."

Over the past two years, Farley's drastically changed the rest of her lifestyle, too, which she credits with helping her to achieve a slimmer mid-section and look more toned all over in general. The GTL-ers have always been about looking their best! In addition to ditching (most of) the booze, Farley's now eating more balanced meals, hitting the gym five days a week, and taking a fat-burning supplement called Ab Cuts twice a day. "My weight, just like all the girls on the 'Jersey Shore,' fluctuates. We're real women, we have curves, and late-night partying and drinking and eating at Seaside early in the morning was not the best lifestyle for us!" Farley says. "So about Season 3, I decided to make a lifestyle change, and after I met Roger I was into working out more for fitness and just overall health. It makes you feel better, especially when you're using a product such as Ab Cuts, which is great for me." Another perk is that the supplement bills itself as natural, which Farley who has admitted to having a boob job jokes is essential for her. "At least something's going in my body that's natural!"

How she's helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Though Farley's gym has been closed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, she's been burning calories by helping to clean up one of Mathews' homes in New Jersey, which was ruined by the storm. (The Garden State house that Farley and Mathews will eventually live in together suffered only minor damages.) "[Roger] owns a house that he's had for 10 years that he's kind of put his blood, sweat, and tears in. That was his first baby, and that's the one he lost, and that's really sad for him," she explains. As a result, Farley's current fitness routine consists of "carrying wood and tree limbs and stuff to and from the front yard."

Farley's also been busy helping other victims of the storm that ravaged her beloved Jersey Shore. Seaside Heights, the town where the "Jersey Shore" cast has resided for six seasons of the show, was particularly devastated, but somehow the beachfront house they lived in is miraculously still standing. "Me and my girlfriend the other day went to Target and Stop & Shop by us, and we took all the travel items that you could possibly buy, like all the deodorants, all the toothpaste, toothbrushes, facial washes, everything, and bought out both stores and gave it to the high school," where some New Jersey residents were being housed. Farley, who says the American Red Cross is doing an "amazing job" for residents, will appear with her castmates on MTV's upcoming "Restore the Shore" telethon to benefit the non-profit group Architecture for Humanity. "I'm actually really excited!" says Farley.

The "Restore the Shore" special airs after "Jersey Shore" on Thursday, November 15, at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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