Jennifer Lopez On Bringing Her Kids Back To The Bronx: “I Don’t Think They’ll Be Performers”

Jennifer Lopez performs in her hometown of the Bronx for the first tim
Jennifer Lopez performing at the 2014 World Cup Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Max and Emme are back on the block!

Jennifer Lopez took her twins Max and Emme, both 5, back to the place where all her dreams began during the filming of her forthcoming concert show, Neighborhood Series With Jennifer Lopez, which airs on TNT on Saturday, Feb. 14.

The singer’s first-ever performance in the Bronx will get its television premiere during the channel’s NBA All-Star Weekend coverage, and the gig will be interlaced with footage of Lopez returning to the streets of her old neighborhood.

jlo and sis
Jennifer Lopez and her sister Linda also visited the house where they grew up in the Bronx AKM-GSI

One of the highlights for the Grammy winning artist was taking her children back to the Boys & Girls Club where she first learned to dance.

“It was crazy,” Lopez told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview. “That I even have kids now, that I’m walking them through there, it all feels so surreal,” she added laughing.

“But it was great. I told them, ‘This is the best place in the world to me,’ and they just kind of looked around like, ‘Why this place?’ But that’s just what it is, it’s that place where your dreams began.”

Lopez also brought her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez, back to the Bronx with her and discovered a family secret. Rodriguez admitted she was devastated when a feisty Lopez announced she was dropping out of school to become a performer, and even used to spy on her when she was doing dance classes to make sure she was okay.

“Everyone has certain hopes or a way they think things should go,” Lopez says of her mom’s concerns. “It was funny to hear when she said that she came and watched me [dance] without me knowing,” Lopez continued, smiling.

“That was a reveal! I was like, ‘Oh, wow, of course she did!’ Because I would do the same thing, now that I’m a mom! If my 17, 18-year-old Emme decided, ‘I’m moving out of the house and I want to become a dancer,’ of course I would go watch her.”

Not that the Latino beauty is worrying too much about that happening in the future. “They love dancing and they love music,” she told Us, of her two children. “They love to sing. But I don’t know if they’ll be performers. I could see them being artists, but I don’t know if they’ll be performers. They’re still little though. We’ll see!”

Neighborhood Sessions with Jennifer Lopez will premiere Saturday, Feb. 14 during TNT’s exclusive coverage of NBA All-Star Weekend, directly following the network’s coverage of State Farm NBA All-Star Saturday.

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