John Boehner Bursts Into Tears in the Presence of Pope Francis: Crying GIFs, Photos, Video

John Boehner cries in the presence of the Pope

Mr. Speaker… need a tissue? It was clearly an emotional meeting for Speaker of the House, John Boehner, who was caught bursting into tears on live television while standing beside Pope Francis on Capitol Hill, on Thursday, Sept. 24.

CNN got footage of Boehner’s waterworks as he stood beside the pontiff attempting to maintain his composure. Eventually and unsurprisingly, he lost it. The now-viral video shows the Republican leader scrunching his face, then looking up to the heavens with his intense blue eyes as he tries (with great fervor!) to blink back tears.

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At last, the devout Catholic was unable to hold back the waterworks, and let himself feel all the feels. Luckily, Boehner, 65, had a handkerchief on hand.

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boehner sad face
John Boehner looked teary-eyed as Pope Francis prayed after speaking at the US Capitol building on September 24, 2015 Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images
boehner with kleenex
John Boehner wiped his nose with a kleenex as Pope Francis spoke on September 24, 2015 Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

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The often emotional Speaker later teared up again during the Pope’s historic address before a joint session of Congress. While the Pope discussed political, economic, and social issues plaguing the world, Boehner — again overcome with emotion — pulled his handkerchief from his inside pocket and casually wiped away his tears.

boehner crying and clapping
John Boehner looked teary-eyed as Pope Francis waved from the Speakers Balcony following his speech to a joint meeting of Congress on Sepember 24, 2015 Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

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Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, was able to keep it together and expertly beamed in the background with a slight smile on his face.

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