Justin Bieber Checks in With Ellen DeGeneres After Apology Video

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Every once in a while, it's nice to have an unbiased opinion, someone you can talk to about life's ups and downs. For Justin Bieber, that person is Ellen DeGeneres. And everyone knows it's been a rough year or so for the Biebs, but seriously two therapy sessions in eight days is a little excessive. Ellen has other patients guests.

Bieber stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday after appearing on the same show last Wednesday. This time he was there to talk about a video he recorded apologizing for seeming nervous the last time he was on the show, last week. If your head's spinning, no worries, we're fully through the looking glass with this one.

Explaining his motivation for posting the video, Bieber said, "It was the first time I was on television for a long time and I just was worried about what people were thinking about me. I did a lot of things over the past few years that I’m not proud of … I was just nervous to be in front of people again and talk in front of them … I thought I just looked really extra nervous and I kind of just wanted to explain myself."

Last week, in his apology video, which he originally posted on Facebook, Bieber copped to acting "arrogant" and "conceited" over the past year and a half, a year and a half that's seen him get arrested three times: for DUI, assault, and assault again.

Using language straight out of the publicist's guide to celebrity image rehabilitation, Bieber reminded us that he is, in fact, human, though he didn't sound completely sure.

"I am a human, right? People often forget that, even with some of their comments and stuff, they think it doesn't get to me. But it gets to me. You know, things that people say bother me and I gotta be strong enough to just keep it pushing."

Keeping that in mind, the next time you'll see Justin Bieber will likely be at his Comedy Central Roast next month. Healthy decisions all around!

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