Kate Winslet Does a “Butt Face” During Hilarious Photo Booth Challenge With Jimmy Fallon

Less English rose, more butt face! Kate Winslet proved she doesn't take herself too seriously when she was tasked with posing for some pretty hilarious photos during her Tonight Show appearance on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The Dressmaker star agreed to play one of Jimmy Fallon's more ridiculous games with the show host last night, which basically entailed snapping a few selfies while the audience watched, and then revealing the results once they had been through the iPad's Photo Booth app.

First up was stretch face — which does exactly what it says. Winslet went first, and produced a pretty funny wide-faced look, complete with major brows. "I've actually got a massive eyebrow issue," the actress said, laughing, as she posed for the photo.

Trying to match his look to Winslet's attempt, Fallon then created his own stretch face. "It looks like you're trying to get out a big square poo!" his celebrity guest told him, as she roared with laughter.

Next up was mirror face. Fallon went first and took his time (and then a bit more…) getting his look absolutely right.

"Come on!" chastised the former Titanic star. "Men and mirrors!" she added, exasperated, before getting the giggles. "My 11-year-old is going to love me for doing this," she continued, referring to her eldest son, Joe, from her marriage to Sam Mendes.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet turns herself into a "butt face" on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show NBC

Fallon presented his mirror look to the audience while Winslet then attempted to copy his image. "Oh no, it's awful!" she shrieked, while Fallon persuaded her to share her efforts with the crowd. "I have no nose!" she continued. "I have a butt face!"

Check out the hilarious faces Winslet managed to pull in the video above and be amazed at how long a vain Fallon managed to take, to make sure his photos were just right!


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