Kidnapped Boy, 3, Helps Police Find Him After Answering Phone Call in Stolen Car

Elizabeth Barrios and 3-Year-Old Son
A kidnapped 3-year-old boy named Aiden helped police find him on Tuesday, Jan. 13, after answering his mom's phone in her stolen car -- find out how he pulled it off!  

How about this baby genius? A kidnapped Utah toddler and his mom were reunited on Tuesday, Jan. 13, after the little one helped police locate him.

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His mother Elizabeth Barrios spoke to Salt Lake City's local ABC affiliate about the ordeal, expressing her relief while holding her 3-year-old son Aiden in her arms.

"I went outside," Barrios recalled, "and my car was driving away, with my 3-year-old in it." (Authorities warned civilians from leaving their cars running unattended, even during the cold winter months.)

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Police learned from the petrified parent during her filing that her cell phone was still inside the stolen vehicle. She added to authorities that little Aiden knew how to unlock the device with her password, which prompted police to call the phone.

Luckily, he was the one to answer. According to ABC News, the distressed tot picked up the phone, and told police that he was all alone in the parked car. "The mom and the officer were both speaking to the 3-year-old on the phone," Ogden Police Commander Tim Scott told reporters. "The mom was trying to console him."

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Barrios said her immediate thought was: "'My baby. What are they going to do to him?' I don't know who it was or what they wanted. 'Where are they going to leave him? What are they going to do to him?'"

Police then told Aiden to lock the doors and honk the horn. This move allowed an officer to hear it and find the child. Luckily, little Aiden was unharmed.

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"[He's a] very smart child," Scott noted of the kid. "Did a great job."

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