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Kim Kardashian App Takes Over Environmental Protection Agency’s Twitter Account, EPA Becomes a “C-List Celebrity”

Kim Kardashian's app takes over EPA Water's twitter feed
Kim Kardashian's app takes over EPA Water's twitter feed

Kim Kardashian's taking over the world! It seems even government agencies are defenseless against the reality TV star's mega powers, after the nation's Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water declared itself to be a "C-list celebrity" in Kardashian's online world.

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The EPA Water office posted a bizarre tweet from their account @EPAwater on the evening of Monday, July 21, instantly setting the internet abuzz with the announcement, "I'm now a C-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!"

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The twitter feed, which usually gives updates on the U.S. government's latest bid to protect the country's clean water and shares stories of pollution issues, became an instant internet sensation with the rogue post receiving over 3,000 re-tweets in a couple of hours.

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EPA Water Twitter feed readers speculated as to the cause of the errant tweet: Had the account been hacked or had an absent minded employee tweeted a personal message from the government agency account by mistake?

The water office did not respond to media requests for comment but after nearly three hours, the tweet was removed.

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Fans of the evening's entertainment were imploring the EPA to ensure no heads rolled for the error. One fan tweeted, "@EPAwater I really hope no one gets fired for this because it is beautiful and made me laugh for hours."

Others were a little more scathing of the EPA's gaffe. "Congrats @EPAwater on your Kardashian game success. If you can solve Kim K's complex problems, you can do great things with our environment," commented a less impressed Twitter user.

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