Tech Scion Kim Kardashian Covers Adweek: Yes, My Selfies Are “Ridiculous”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian talked with Adweek about social media, her mobile game, and, yes, selfies Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Silicon Valley's next big thing, Kim Kardashian, is on the cover of this month's Adweek. Kardashian talks about her burgeoning mobile empire, whether or not she'll ever quit social media, and the legacy her many selfies will leave behind.

With a hit television show, more than 40 million followers across multiple social media platforms, and a hugely successful app, Kim Kardashian is the true Queen of All Media. But, for now, mobile is Kim's focus.

"I hope to have a bigger presence in the tech world," Kardashian tells the mag. "I love coming up with different app ideas, and I have a few more that are coming out. Once you get started and you have this creative bug of ideas that you want to get out, I feel like I've partnered with the right team, and now I have the creative outlet to make that happen. I'm happy that people are into it and perceiving it well. I just want to create more apps."

Another thing Kim wants to create more of? Selfies. She'll never stop taking selfies. Your hatred feeds her.

"You have to have a sense of humor every once in a while. So many people think that taking so many selfies is just ridiculous," Kim says. "For me, what's so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media for memories. … I'm kind of letting them know, yes, it is ridiculous, but it's all fun. I can look at a photo on social media and see a picture and know exactly where I was by the outfit I had on or who I was with. I take it more as a fun, emotional scrapbook that I love to look back on."

Selfies and apps. It's remarkable how the world can change in just 10 years.

Kim also says she's got no plans to quit social media in the immediate future, which, thank god.

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"I love sharing my world with people, so I don't see me just having a freak-out and just stopping," Kim predicted. "Will I do it forever? I'm not sure. But I love the whole idea of it, especially because you get to share things your way. You get to tell your own story through your eyes."

Her eyes. And her negligee.

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