Kim Kardashian at Age 13 Knew She Would Be Famous: “You’re Gonna Remember Me as This Beautiful Little Girl!”

Kim Kardashian, fortune-teller! Twenty-year-old footage of the star was unearthed by Entertainment Tonight on Kardashian’s 34th birthday, Tuesday, Oct. 21. The clip, which was taken at Kardashian’s 8th grade graduation in 1994, features a 13-year-old Kim sharing big aspirations for future stardom.

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It begins with Kanye West‘s future wife (shockingly!) staring at the camera and talking about herself. “Is anyone getting a tape of this?” her significantly younger self asks. “I hope you do, because when you see me — when I’m famous and old — you’re gonna remember me as this beautiful little girl!”

Tween Kardashian shares the same pretty features as her future self: dark hair, pouty rouge lips, long lashes, and carefully-groomed eyebrows. As the cameraman is about to walk away, the middle school graduate interrupts and asks: “Excuse me, are you leaving? My name’s Kim Kardashian. I’m the dopest of the ropest person in this class. I’m dope on a rope. Here’s Shelton, I’m doper than he is and that’s just a fact.”

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A person chimes in: “Define ‘dope’ Kim.”

She responds, “Dope is Kim!”

Kim Kardashian Dopest Video

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In another hilarious moment, Kardashian claims she’s more popular than her classmate Lisa. “I’m more popular than she is… everyone loves me,” says the confident teen. “I’m so popular and everybody loves me. Excuse me, Chris loves me more than anyone.”

Of course it would not be a Kardashian party without her family — and some wild dancing. Young Kim shows off her dance moves on the floor, while mom Kris Jenner and big sister Kourtney join in on the fun.

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Fast-forward twenty years later and the word “dopest” is still very much a part of Kardashian’s vocabulary. Her husband West took to his Twitter on Tuesday evening to share his love for his wife — and the world. “Happy Birthday baby! Thank you for being the dopest wife & mom!” the rapper wrote. “Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you…”

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