Kristen Stewart: “No One Gives a F–k Like Me”

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart addressed some of the misconceptions about her so-called "attitude" in a new intervew Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart has got a new attitude.

The Still Alice actress has heard all of her haters' grumbles she's ungrateful, she doesn't smile, she seems miserable, and so on and so forth — and in a new interview with Salon, addresses the criticism that has followed her since the beginning of the Twilight era.

When Stewart is told, "You are kind of a hero to people, in a way. A lot of people admire what they see as your give-no-f–ks attitude," she quickly sets the record straight.

"I’m like, actually, no one gives a f–k like me," insists the 24-year-old. "No one gives more of a f–k than me. It’s just ironic to me. I’m always like, really?"

"For you, it’s not about going out and pretending to love it as opposed to actually loving doing the work?" the interviewer asks.

"Yes," Stewart agrees. "I find myself saying things that I hear other people say where I’m like, OK, you’re lying. But I say the same thing, and I wonder if people think I’m lying when I say, 'Oh, we were just a big family on set!' I hate that stuff. People always ask if I chose the projects I’ve chosen because I’m trying to redefine myself or people’s perception of me. Uh, no. In a word, nah."

While Kristen could clearly do without the paparazzi and loss of her personal life then again, so could Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, but they haven't been constantly called "ungrateful" in the press she feels fortunate to have had such a successful career thus far.

"I haven't planned, I haven't thought about my trajectory or how to design my career in a way that I can get what I want," she admits. "Luckily, I've gotten what I wanted naturally — I'm such a lucky bastard."

For what it's worth, K.Stew, we much prefer the non-cookie cutter "we're a family" answers, too.

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