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Lady Gaga Initially Thought Taylor Swift Was “Full of S—“: Find Out What Changed Her Mind

Lady Gaga Initially Thought Taylor Swift Was "Full of S---,"
Lady Gaga said she initially thought Taylor Swift was "full of s---," but later experienced a change of heart -- find out why.

A tale of two Taylors! Lady Gaga appeared on Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday, Dec. 2, where she discussed two famous Taylors: Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Stern asked the “Just Dance” singer whether she and Swift, 24, were really lovers, as one caller outrageously claimed on his radio program. “I don’t think she would be into that,” Gaga responded.

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“We’ve met a few times, and I can’t say anything bad about her,” she said. “What she doesn’t know [is] I was at the AMAs or something. Her and I were sitting next to each other and she goes, ‘Oh my God! I love ARTPOP. I love ‘Applause,’ and ‘Applause is my favorite song.'” (Several weeks before the 2013 AMAs were held last November, Gaga released her third studio album ARTPOP.)

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The two megastars were indeed seated in the same row at the 2013 AMAs, where they were photographed chatting with R. Kelly between them. Despite Swift’s flattery, Gaga still remained skeptical of the singer.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift at the AMAs

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“I was thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This chick is full of s—,'” she confessed. “But then my buddy called me, Brandon, who’s my stylist, and she was doing a shoot and he was styling her… He goes, ‘Taylor Swift is in here blasting ARTPOP so loud, and she is dancing and she’s posing.'”

It was then that Gaga changed her mind. “I thought to myself, ‘I like this girl,'” she said. “You know why? Because she said the same thing to my face that she said behind my back. Yeah, I like her.”

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Gaga also spoke fondly about her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, whom she said she would marry if he proposed. “He is the right guy,” she gushed. “How do we know? It’s this feeling…”

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Stern asked whether he would be invited to the nuptials, and Gaga joked, “No… If I get married, I’ll be hanging out in a pickup truck at a David’s Bridal while my stylist is screaming at me.”

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