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Leah Remini Claims Bella Cruise Called Her Mom, Nicole Kidman, a “F–king” Suppressed Person

Leah Remini and Bella Cruise
Leah Remini wrote in her memoir, Troublemaker, that Bella Cruise once called her mom, Nicole Kidman, a "f--king SP."

A deluge of scoop. Leah Remini’s revealing new memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, hit bookshelves on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and one particular passage describes how Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s kids, Bella Cruise and Connor Cruise, allegedly viewed their mother after their parents’ high-profile divorce in 2001. 

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According to the book’s version of events, Remini, 45, was returning home from Italy after Cruise’s 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes, when she and her husband, Angelo Pagan, found themselves in the same airport shuttle as the young siblings.

“Over the years at the Celebrity Centre I had watched Tom and Nicole Kidman’s children grow up, but more recently I’d gotten to know them better by spending time with them at Tom’s house,” she recalled in her memoir. “The siblings, who were supervised by Sea Org members, often had their computers taken by the security force at CC to make sure they weren’t up to anything and to keep filters on so they couldn’t go on any websites that might get them asking questions.”

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bella and connor cruise
Connor and Bella Cruise

According to the King of Queens actress, she decided to satiate her curiosity about why the kids were estranged from their adoptive mother — while they remained close with their dad. “I had always wondered why they didn’t have a relationship with their mom, but I could never ask them, because there was always someone else around,” Remini wrote. “Driving to the airport alone with them, I had my chance.”

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She claims she asked Bella, now 22, and Connor, now 20: “‘Hey, guys. How’s your mom? Do you see her a lot?'”

“Not if I have a choice. Our mom is a f–king SP,” Bella allegedly said, as quoted in Remini’s book. (An SP in Scientology terms is a “Suppressed Person,” who is considered an enemy of the church.)

nicole and tom
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in 1991

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Remini, shocked by Bella’s choice of words, says she told the kids that Kidman was still their mother. “Bella scoffed and said, ‘Well, she is,'” the sitcom actress wrote in her memoir. “Connor just looked out the window. There was something human about his silence and the sadness I felt in it.”

The Church of Scientology, meanwhile, slammed Remini’s claims in a lengthy statement, saying she should “move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.” (Read the full statement here.)

For more inside details about Remini’s relationship with Kidman, pick up a copy of her new memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. Plus, find out details about her relationship with Katie Holmes in the video above! 

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