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LeAnn Rimes: ‘People Think That I Serve Coffee In a Bikini’

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LeAnn Rimes jokes that people think she spends all her time in a bikini. 

If a comedy about the life of LeAnn Rimes ends up on the air, expect a bikini to play a prominent part.

The "How Do I Live" singer, who recently revealed that she and hubby Eddie Cibrian are developing a scripted comedy for TV, tells omg! that the project will poke fun at the way the two are perceived. And for Rimes, that means a woman who shows off her beach body – even when she's far from the beach.

"I mean, people think that I serve coffee in a bikini!" Rimes says with a laugh. "I might as well serve it in it, just for the hell of it! To me it's hysterical that people think I walk around in a bikini 24/7."

The 30-year-old even posted a pic of herself clad in a barely-there bathing suit when she took over omg!’s Instagram account this week. (To be fair, Rimes has put photos of herself in beachwear online.)

But a lot of other claims have little basis, Rimes says, and she doesn't have any reservations about putting a fictionalized version of her life on TV.

"People are writing such [personal] stories about me, which are completely not true," she insists. "All of my private life they're making into something that's not even a part of my life … So to write an album like I did or to put things out that are positive about my life, it doesn't seem like there's a risk involved. If my private life was actually private, maybe there would be a bigger risk in that. But when you talk about doing a scripted show, it's really taking everything that everyone thinks they know about us and actually poking fun at it, and having fun with the things that people have written."

Rimes and Cibrian, whom she married in April 2011, have learned to take the reports lightly. "It's been quite annoying the things that people have written for a while, and now we've started to laugh at it,” explains Rimes, whose latest album comes out on Tuesday. “This way, we can actually show that we have fun with this stuff, because it's hysterical and outlandish. It gives us a chance to poke fun at ourselves, which we do all the time and no one sees."

Besides, the singer says she doesn't really allow the negative comments to bring her down anymore. She doesn't even see most of them, even though she uses social media multiple times a day.

"A few negative comments will come in a day, but a lot of the same people make comments over and over again and the block button gets pressed, because I choose not to see it," Rimes shares.

"I enjoy being on [social media] with my fans. And it can be a very positive thing as long as you keep it that way. I bite my tongue a lot and sometimes I'll even write things that are racy," she admits. "I've really learned not to let it get to me, and to have a tough skin with it."

Skin that she's quite comfortable showing.

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