Dad: Lindsay Lohan Had “Spiritual Revelation” in Jail

 Valerie Macon/Getty Images; David McNew/Getty Images

Michael Lohan says 13 days in the slammer did wonders for his daughter Lindsay, who was released at 1:35 a.m. Monday.

"What's happened in jail is nothing less than a miracle," he said Monday on Atlanta radio show The Bert Show Q100. "She is really on the right path. She is back in touch with the important parts of self. I call that God myself, some people might not."

Citing formerly incarcerated stars Paris Hilton and Robert Downey Jr, Michael said, "There are cases where they have a spiritual revelation. Call it an enigma, an epiphany … but [jail time] really hits home for a lot of people. Some people just get it, and I think Lindsay has just got it this time."

Lindsay, 24 — who had been behind bars since July 20 for violating probation in her DUI case — is now spending the next three months in rehab at the UCLA Medical Center.

"I am happy she's in rehab, that's the most important part," said Michael.

Though he denied reports that she is being treated for a methamphetamine addiction, he said his daughter does have issues with "Adderall, which is a methamphetamine base, and I've been saying that for months now. People just don't want to listen."

Among them, he says: Lindsay's mother Dina.

"I hate to say Dina needs to get into a rehab, but she needs counseling," he said of his ex-wife. "She's got a lot of issues. She doesn't want to hold herself accountable … She has to stop drinking all the time. It's not a good example for Lindsay. Maybe Lindsay doesn't see it all the time … but Dina's out there, messed up."

Is Dina Lindsay's single biggest problem?

Said Michael, "In one word: absolutely."

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