This Single Woman’s Lonely Christmas Cards Will Make You LOL

2016 Jackie Willome Photography

Let’s hope — for completely selfish reasons— that Bridget McCartney never gets married! For the past seven years, the single 29-year-old has been sending out lonely Christmas cards — and they’re hilarious. 

In this year’s masterpiece, a white wine–swilling McCartney is seen lounging in pile of mud, wearing a sequined minidress and surrounded by empty liquor bottles. She’s streaked with mud and cow poop. “Love is s–t,” reads the holiday greeting. “Merry Christmas! Love, Bridget.”

McCartney began her annual photo project in 2010, one year after her parents informed her that she would no longer be on their Christmas mailing because as the youngest of five siblings, she was the only unmarried child left. “I threw a fit to spite my mother,” the San Antonio, Texas, project manager tells Us Weekly. “Because I am such a loving daughter, I decided to not only do my own Christmas card, but to make it sad and depressing.”

Not surprisingly, McCartney’s debut effort did not sit well with her mom. In the inaugural card, she is pictured in a Santa hat, double-fisting booze. It is signed, “Love, Bridget, just Bridget.” 

2015 Jackie Willome Photography
2014 Courtesy Bridget McCartney
2013 Courtesy Bridget McCartney

“My mom hated it mostly due to the strong alcoholic theme,” McCartney tells Us. “Now she finds them funny.” And so does the internet! The self-deprecating brunette’s yuletide photo shoots went viral in 2014 after her brother-in-law shared them with BuzzFeed. 

2012 Courtesy Bridget McCartney
2011 Courtesy Bridget McCartney

McCartney’s 2016 undertaking was captured at her family’s ranch in Burnet, Texas. “I was sitting in the mud when I realized there was some cow s–t mixed in. It was awful, but I was already in it and I’m dedicated so I had to get the shot,” she says. “We got the picture, but I didn’t really have any idea for what the card would actually say. Then my four-year relationship ended and ‘love is s–t’ was just really fitting!”

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