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Marc Maron Doesn’t Use Deodorant: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Marc Maron
John Sciulli/WireImage

Comedian, writer, and podcast host, Marc Maron, gave Us Weekly the inside scoop on 25 things you probably don't know about him.  

1. I wear patchouli. 

2. I had an appendectomy. 

3. I dance in my living room. 

4. I have a scar alone the left side of my nose that is very hard to see. 

5. I high-fived Axl Rose at the Pink Dot grocery store on Sunset Boulevard. 

6. I get obsessively committed to certain jeans, boots, and people. 

7. I’ve baked bread. 

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8. I was sent home from a class trip in eight grade because I got caught with boobs in my hands.I didn’t get to see Carlsbad Caverns until much later. 

9. I stole my roommate’s Jefferson Starship Red Octopus cassette at tennis camp and never copped to it. Sorry, Stu. It was me. 

10. I’ve had sex in the woods. 

11. I’ve had sex on a roof. 

12. I wear boxers. 

13. I’m a better air drummer than I am an air guitar player, but I’m a pretty good actual guitar player. 

14. I’m also pretty good with a rifle. 

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15. I almost threw up on Bo Diddley in a bar in NYC once. 

16. I like anchovies. 

17. I write poetry. 

18. I don’t use deodorant. 

19. I still have T-shirts I wore in high school. 

20. I can sing pretty well. 

21. I can play harmonica. 

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22. I was scared doing comedy for 20 years. 

23. I’m terrified of flying but act like it doesn’t bother me. 

24. I’m sorry that I don’t have children. 

25. I was in love with Caroline Kennedy when I was younger. 

Maron airs on IFC Thursdays at 10p.m.