Mayim Bialik Hates Frozen: 4 Other Polarizing Sentiments from “The Big Bang Theory” Star

Mayim Bialik
Following Mayim Bialik's criticism of Frozen, look back on 4 other times she made waves with her opinions.  Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is used to making waves thanks to her tendency to share her sometimes-unconventional takes on parenting, but recently, she's started delving into the realm of pop culture as well.

Writing on her blog,, the 38-year-old actress seems to have no qualms sharing — and defending — her thoughts about the world, even when they fly in the face of societal norms. Case in point: On Tuesday, the self-proclaimed bleeding heart liberal/hippie/crotchety old lady has declared her hatred of last year's beloved (by everyone else) smash hit Disney flick, Frozen.

But this is hardly the first time she's taken a stance that has caused others to pause. In fact, within the last week, the mother-of-two has stirred the pot several times. Since she seems to be branching out when it comes to topics, we thought it the perfect moment to create this nifty list of Bialik's most polarizing sentiments.

1. She and Her Sons Hate Frozen. For someone so focused on positivity and love, hate is a strong word — but hate is apparently what she feels toward this animated adventure. What doesn't she like about it, exactly? She takes the movie to task for what she defines as its anti-feminist plot rooted in the search for romantic love, its "male-bashing" plot twist in which one of the heroines learns her Prince Charming is actually a conniving man who should not be trusted, and the "ginormous eyes" and "Barbie doll proportions" of the female characters' bodies.

It isn't that she doesn't have any valid points here (Elsa does have a pretty bangin' body), but her rant does seem to be a bit nit-picky. The music alone was wonderful enough to spark joy in the hearts of audiences worldwide — and, even Bialik has to admit that her older son did love the snowman.

2. She Thinks Ariana Grande Sells Lingerie. Okay, not really, but she does think the pint-sized pop star could stand to put on some more clothes (and she's probably not alone in that thought). However, in her blog post, Bialik admits that, while she's a liberal, she's also "socially conservative." Now, even she realizes these statements might confuse some readers, so she does make an attempt to explain it.

After claiming she "has no idea who [Grande] is or what she does" Mayim asserts, "Based on the billboard, she sells lingerie. Or stiletto heels. Or plastic surgery because every woman over 22 wishes she has that body." She admits she sounds like "a crotchety old lady" but goes on to ask, "Why do I have to be OK with young women literally in lingerie on gigantic billboards?" Some people might argue she should be OK with this because she claims to be a liberal, but obviously she doesn't see it that way.

3. She Doesn't Believe in Sleep Training Her Kids. For those of you who don't know what this means, she doesn't put her children on a sleeping schedule (as in, they have no bedtime). She argues that it's normal for children to wake up every hour or two and that parents "need to get over it" — and get up to take care of their kids. She also points out, "Any sleep training or sleep modification regimen that involves your baby crying and you not tending to it is going against your natural mammalian wiring." While that may be the case, many parents push to get their kids on a schedule so that everyone can actually get some much-needed shuteye. (It's also probably worth mentioning that — at least up until last December — she admitted to sharing a bed with her sons.)

4. She Nursed Her Son Fred Until He Was 3. A proponent of "extended breastfeeding," Bialik caused a stir when she was photographed nursing her three-year-old son on a subway. Though she admitted, "I never ever believed that I would be nursing a child over the age of 3," she also argued, "there is nothing wrong with nursing (three-year-old) Fred" and declared her belief in "child-led weaning." Naturally, plenty of mothers were shocked (and even outraged) by her position on this issue, but that didn't seem to phase the star one bit.

5. She Gave Birth to Her Second Son at Home… in Front of Her First Son. "The decision to have our second son at home, assisted by a licensed nurse midwife, turned into one of the most incredible, moving and profound experiences of my life," she wrote. "Having our almost 3-year-old son witness it from his highchair was equally powerful." No, that's not a misprint. Miles, her toddler, watched Bialik give birth to Fred.

"Miles was by then seated in his highchair in our living room, calmly eating a bowl of granola as my husband stood next to him, both of them watching me silently and intently as I was helped to a comfortable pushing position," she recalled. "Three pushes later, Frederick slithered out, and Miles was carried out of his highchair to cut the cord."

Whether Bialik continues to forge ahead sharing her musings on pop culture remains to be seen, but something tells her that as they get older, her sons will both have some interesting thoughts of their own.

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