Mel Gibson Tells Oksana: “I’m So Sorry I Had a Child With You”

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Oksana Grigorieva barely gets a word in edgewise as Mel Gibson spews one hateful obscenity after another in the seventh alleged tape between the warring exes, posted Monday at Radaronline.

In this sickening new alleged conversation, Gibson, 54, tells Grigorieva, 40, that he regrets their relationship.

"You offend me on every f***ing level," he snipes, breathing heavily.

Grigorieva's other movie-star ex, actor Timothy Dalton, father to her son Sascha, becomes another target of abuse in the latest rant. "You should go and f*** [Dalton], you know….because I don't care," he says, using a vile misogynist insult.

Gibson then adds hatefully, "The game's over. Let the new games begin so you can get it on with anybody else and your son can watch it…What is it? Number 45 he’s going to have to look at?"

He then mentions Lucia, their infant daughter (now 8 months) together. "I'm so f***ing sorry I had a child with you," he says.

"I despise you,” Gibson adds. "I don't want you back. You have proven yourself to me. You're not the f***ng woman I want."

Radar reports that this particular chat was recorded in February, as the couple's relationship was falling apart. The pair had apparently held a tree-planting ceremony on Feb. 18 for Lucia — but Gibson became angry, accusing Grigorieva for "smiling too much" at a man at the ceremony. She apparently left his Malibu mansion for good soon thereafter.

Gibson was also reportedly trying to kick a smoking habit — but he denies in the phone chat that his withdrawal caused his outsized rage.

 “You f***ing ruined me," he screams. "You f***ing ingrate! I'm so mad! I'm so angry! And this is NOT the nicotine, this is the truth! You f***ing don't love me one bit and you know it, you using b*tch."

As the pair war behind closed courtroom doors over custody of their daughter, Grigorieva broke her silence briefly on Friday outside her lawyer's office in Century City, Calif. Recently accused by Gibson's camp of attempted extortion, she retorted: "Mel is lying. He's lying. There's no extortion," Grigorieva said. "I'm fighting for my child. [Mel's] just a liar, and it will come up in the court, just wait."

The L.A. County Sheriff's office recently confirmed that it is investigating the extortion charge against her. Gibson himself is the subject of a domestic violence probe.

As for the shocking tapes on Radar, her rep has denied that Oksana — or her sister, as as been rumored — is behind the leak.

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