Miles Teller Helps Pregnant Woman Swimming in Miami Beach: See the Photo

Miles Teller
Miles Teller aided a pregnant woman and her toddler in Miami this past weekend. Brett Kaffee/Pacific Coast News

Mr. Fantastic, indeed! Miles Teller came to the rescue of a stranger in real life this past weekend when he helped a pregnant woman and her toddler in Miami Beach.

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The Fantastic Four actor, 28, was photographed on Sunday, May 10, leading the unidentified pregnant woman to safety while grasping her hand. Teller gallantly escorted the woman and her child to land while his concerned girlfriend Keleigh Sperry also helped out during the rescue effort.

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Sperry, 22, later wrote about the incident on Instagram, revealing that the woman asked the couple for help, thinking there was a shark in the water.

"She came up to us freaking out," the model wrote, alongside TMZ's headline. "[She was] telling us to not freak out but It was a shark. And the scariest moment ever hahah poor lady. :(( pregnant with a toddler on her back."

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Teller spoke to Us Weekly last month about how his relationship with his other half has progressed.

"I only had one day off two weeks ago, so I went golfing on my day off," he told Us at the Samsung Studio LA Grand Opening Celebration in West Hollywood. "And she's like, 'Why don't you spend the time with me?' and this and that. And it was like, 'It's not that, I just love golf and I just happen to have one day off. It's not that I care about golf more than you.'"

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The actor told Us that Sperry spent some time thinking about their conversation. "She got me," he gushed. "She wrote me a card saying she knows I work really hard and she bought me a golf shirt just saying she understands, and now she's actually taking golf lessons [because] she wants to."

He proudly noted of his girlfriend: "She's very competitive… If she thinks I don't think she can do something she's gonna learn how to do it. She's going to try even harder to do it."

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