Minka Kelly Graduates Cooking School: See the Amazing Photos From Her Culinary School Diaries

Minka Kelly graduates from culinary school
Minka Kelly graduated cooking school this week after months of learning how to braise, fillet, and sauté -- see all the amazing photos from her "culinary school diaries" here! Courtesy of Minka Kelly/Instagram

Clear eyes, full tummies! After six months of braising, filleting, sautéing, and more, Friday Night Lights alum Minka Kelly graduated culinary school this week and proudly shared her accomplishments with fans via Instagram.

"Graduated!!!" the star wrote, alongside a photo of herself celebrating and holding up her "New School of Cooking" certificate. "Thank you so much, @jesshiltoncooks for the best 6 months ever! If anyone ever needs a personal chef, I highly recommend this wonderful lady!"

The proud actress also shared photos of herself with her fellow culinary schoolmates. "That's it! We did it! What an awesome experience these past 6 months have been," she wrote. "What shall the next hobby beeee….??? #whoshungry #hobbyist #culinaryschooldiaries."

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In one selfie from cooking class, Kelly got sentimental with two of her pals. "Welp! This is the last night we'll get to make fun of each other's note taking skills…" she wrote. "#the3amigos #lastdayofschool #culinaryschooldiaries." The same guys were also featured in a separate snap from when they went out to lunch earlier that day.

"Celebratory burgers n beer with the class before our last day of cooking school!!" she shared. "Gonna miss these jerks."

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Kelly has been chronicling her cooking school adventures since committing to the program this past January. Just last week, the actress learned how to bake delicious "fresh baked cookies to cure a hangover!!"

"Thanks for the cookie lesson @whatsgabycookin!" she wrote, alongside a snap of her licking her doughy fingers. "I haven't stopped making them ever since!"

Last month, the star received an education in cheeses paired with rose, and baked a loaf of cinnamon sugar bread. "#nailedit #simplebutdamngood," she boasted, alongside a photo of the delicious-looking carb.

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She's also learned how to bake mini pizzas, braise short ribs, and prepare a filet.

The very patient @chefjesshilt helping me fabricate a filet ???? #culinaryschooldiaries

A photo posted by Minka Kelly (@minkak) on Apr 21, 2015 at 8:40pm PDT

Moving on to greener pastures, the star also learned about herbs, and how to create the perfect salad. "I remember a time when I thought the only thing to a salad was iceberg & ranch," Kelly wrote, alongside a pic of her holding up a bowl of mixed greens. "This Insalada Blanca is my new favorite #culinaryschooldiaries #itsjustahobbyguys."

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Mandy Moore's best friend has also learned the art of comfort food, ranging in recipes from French onion soup to homemade pastas, and even gruyere soufflés,"s'il vous plait!"

???? #culinaryschooldiaries

A photo posted by Minka Kelly (@minkak) on Mar 10, 2015 at 9:42pm PDT

#ohyeababyohyea #culinaryschooldiaries

A photo posted by Minka Kelly (@minkak) on Mar 10, 2015 at 8:03pm PDT

Gruyere soufflés, s'il vous plaît! #ohhellyea #culinaryschooldiaries

A photo posted by Minka Kelly (@minkak) on Feb 3, 2015 at 9:16pm PST

At the start of her journey this past winter, Kelly commemorated her foray into culinary school with a snap of the kitchen, where she would be spending the next six months. "Here we go!" Kelly wrote, alongside a photo of the industrial-size space lined with tables for its pupils. "#culinaryschool #bestdecisioniveevermade #newloveofmylife."

Here we go! #culinaryschool #bestdecisioniveevermade #newloveofmylife

A photo posted by Minka Kelly (@minkak) on Jan 6, 2015 at 10:28pm PST

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