Mistresses Refresher: Everything You Need to Know Before Thursday Night’s Season 3 Premiere

Jes Macallan, Jennifer Esposito, Yunjin Kim, and Rochelle Aytes
Jes Macallan, Jennifer Esposito, Yunjin Kim, and Rochelle Aytes on ABC's Mistresses.  

Grab a bottle of red wine, because ABC’s Mistresses is making its triumphant return from hiatus on Thursday, June 18, and it’s poised to be a roller coaster of emotions, sisterhood, and six-packs.

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The new season is shaking things up, thanks to the departure of Alyssa Milano, who opted to leave the show when filming relocated to Vancouver. Considering that Milano’s character, Savannah (aka “Savi”), didn’t get a chance to wrap her complicated plotline, Mistresses has a lot of explaining to do as they head into Thursday night’s two-hour premiere.

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For a refresher on the fabulously complicated lives of Los Angeles’ most dramatic set of BFFs, check out Us Weekly’s official Mistresses primer:

Jes Macallan (Joss) on Mistresses.

Joss Is Inconveniently in Love With Her Sister’s Ex-Husband

Most people know better than to fall in love with their sister’s ex-husband, but Josslyn Carver (Jes Macallan)? Not so much. Thanks to working together at Wunderbar, Joss and Harry Davis (Brett Tucker) couldn’t stay away from each other –– and Harry took their friendship to the next level when he planted a kiss on Joss in the kitchen. The problem: Other than the fact that Harry was married to Joss’ sister, Savi? Joss is engaged to Scott Trosman (Justin Hartley), who’s head over heels in love with her.

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Poor Joss was confused about her feelings, but she ended up quitting Wunderbar, telling Harry that they couldn’t be together, and agreeing to marry Scott during a surprise wedding. Of course, then Harry showed up with his withering stare, prompting Joss to ditch her nuptials and head to the beach for a passionate make out session and declaration of love. Nothing could possibly go wrong in this scenario, right?

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Karen Is HIV Negative –– But Something Else Is Wrong

Karen Kim’s (Yunjin Kim) been in a total panic since finding out that her ex-boyfriend, Ben Odell (Brian Hallisay), is HIV positive, and she anxiously waited to find out the results of her test during the Mistresses season finale. Karen finally got a call from her doctor’s office during Joss’ surprise wedding, and while her results were negative, the doctor implied that something else serious came up during the test. Is Karen pregnant? How is she going to function for nine months without red wine?!

Rochelle Aytes (April) on Mistresses.

April’s Daughter Learns The Truth About Paul

First, the good news: April Malloy’s (Rochelle Aytes) estranged husband, Paul (Dondre Whitfield), is dead –– which means she no longer has to deal with him and his #DrugCartelProblems. Plus, she’s off the hook for telling Paul that the FBI were onto him, and she got to have a steamy sex scene with Daniel Zamora (Ricky Whittle) while he was briefly protecting her from Paul’s enemies.

The bad news is that April’s daughter, Lucy (Corinne Massiah), finds out through the news (at Joss’ wedding, no less!) that her dead dad has actually been alive this entire time, and now she hates her mom. Whoops!

Savi Realizes She Still Loves Harry at the Worst Moment Ever

Savi has more men in her life than she can cope with, but by last season’s finale, she’d decided Harry was still the guy for her. After spending most of the episode trying to ask her ex-husband out, Savi went to Joss’ surprise wedding and let’s just say she was in for a rude awakening.

While viewers didn’t actually see Savi find her sister giving Harry mouth-to-mouth on the beach, the implication was definitely there. Will Savi leave L.A. and abandon her friends thanks to her sister and former mister? You’ll have to tune in Thursday night to find out!

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Mistresses Season 3 premieres Thursday, June 18, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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