Social Media Star Nate Garner Shares 5 Things You Never Knew About Insta-Fame

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Nate Garner has three million followers on Instagram and has what appears to be a perfect life. But there is a lot more to Insta-fame than what you see while scrolling on the app. The 19-year-old opens up to Us Weekly about the things he never knew about being a social media star.

1. It’s harder than you think: “Social media is a lot more stressful than it looks,” Garner explains. “Before the camera is turned on and after it’s turned off, there is a lot of pre-planning and post-production, and editing that goes into every photo and video. On top of content, we all have busy business lives, and handling that with while posting on and maintaining multiple social media platforms gets really stressful.”

2. It’s not the high life. “Doing fancy things doesn’t mean we’re all rich. Most of the time, brands and companies give us cars, houses, planes etc. to make content with and we aren’t paying a dime to use any of it,” the star, who first found fame on Vine, explained. “It’s a cool life of course, but it’s just not correct to assume we’re all rich because of our content. Don’t judge a book by its cover, we may look extravagant on camera but we’re all normal people behind the scenes.”

3. Fame is tough to achieve. “Getting famous on the internet is a mix of luck and strategy. There are a lot of people who are funny, good-looking and creative, but the people who succeed find different ways to grow plus a dash of luck. A lot of social media fame has to do with luck: like a viral video or getting to know someone else that’s famous really helps,” the model revealed. “Creators always use different ways of getting their content out there. I used to have my friends post my content on all their pages to get as many people as I could to see my posts. ‘Clickbait’ also helps LOL.”

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4. There are a lot of haters. “As much as we are loved and supported, we also need to be able to deal with just as much hate. Social media has always been a hateful place whether it be on Vine, Instagram or YouTube, the hate has made its way to all platforms,” he admitted. “Each creator has to learn to ignore as much hate as possible, to accept it and move on. Sometimes it gets hard because most hate isn’t true and not being able to reply without having a bad image takes a lot of self control. Hate also messes with your head, your confidence — and if you have depression, it really weighs on you, but it’s all just part of the job.”

5. But the fans are A+. “No matter how bad the hate is, our fans always have our back,” the Angeleno explained. “I can be devastated because a video didn’t perform as well as I had hoped or I got tons of hate on an Instagram post, but I’ll always stay positive seeing the amazing things my fans say about me. The support system that social media gives is incredible. Hate can never overpower love, and the fans love for us goes miles beyond any hateful comments. I got bullied in high school, and the only reason I pushed through was because of my support on social media. They’re the family that always had my back and always have my back, even to this day. It’s truly special and I love everyone that supports me!”

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