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Nick Viall’s Emotional Letter to Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Revealed

Nick Viall and Andi Dorfman
Nick Viall wrote an emotional letter to Andi Dorfman

Break out the tissues and bump some Bon Iver—the emotional secret letter that runner-up Nick Viall wrote to Bachelorette Andi Dorfman has been revealed. 

The heartfelt words were teased during the final episode of Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, as Viall found the letter was his best shot at getting in touch with his heart's desire after she dismissed him in favor of Josh Murray

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While Dorfman refused to meet with her second choice until she was forced to face him at the "After the Final Rose" special on Monday, July 28, she did read the letter that he passed to her through The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison. The reality star stayed mum on the contents of the note in the Tuesday morning press blitz following the finale, saying on Good Morning America that "there's not much to talk about" with the letter.

Viall's words were revealed, however, when The Bachelorette's official Facebook page posted the message in its entirety. "I was in no way ashamed of what was in that letter," Viall tells Us Weekly, adding about the contents seeing the light of day, "I knew by giving it to her, that was a possibility and I accepted that." 

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"Andi, You lit me up," Viall's letter begins. "You made me feel those things that people go a lifetime to find, and I feel like I made you feel the same. I truly hoped we would have made it into the real world, where there would be no arbitrary deadline, where those stresses that came with that environment would have melted away, where we could have had the goofy, fun, exciting relationship that I know we could have. What we had was real to me, and it was amazing."

"I fully realize that in the end I could have been wrong about what we had," he continues. "While it’s hard to accept, I totally realize that it's a possibility. With that being said, when I think about the relationship that we had, very few things in my life have felt more real… I think about that moment when you ended things and what you said to me. I believe you when you said something didn’t feel right with us when you woke up that morning, but I wonder if what didn’t feel right was really about us and our relationship. I wonder if it would have been different if that night you thought about us with your heart and not with your head. Let’s just call it what it was–our relationship was very much the road less traveled. I totally get that all the passion, intensity, and connections that we had were accompanied by fear and sometimes discomfort. There is a reason why very few are willing to take the road less traveled. It can be scary, challenging, and risky, but if you have the courage to take it, it usually ends up being amazing."

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Viall goes on to address Dorfman's choice and his future, writing, "I realize I have to move on and I mean it when I say that if you’re truly happy with your decision and I haven’t been a thought on your mind, then I want that happiness to continue for you. If I have to move on, I will look to find amazing with someone else [and] know that some day I will. I just know I would much rather turn my life upside down and risk it all to have amazing with you."

Read the full letter in its entirety on Facebook.

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