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Nicole Arbour Defends “Dear Fat People” Video Amid Ongoing Backlash: “I Don’t Shame People”

Nicole Arbour
YouTube star Nicole Arbour is defending her controversial "Dear Fat People" video  

No apologies here. Nicole Arbour is defending her controversial “Dear Fat People” video, which reportedly led to her losing a movie role. The Canadian YouTube star laughed off the ongoing backlash during an interview with BBC on Friday, Sept. 11.

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“My aim was to make people laugh. I think that’s pretty darn noble,” Arbour, 28, said. “Whenever I do a video, there’s always comedy mixed with some satire, some stinging truths, and a resolution at the end.”

She added: “I don’t shame people. It was an act. It was one bit and I do a new bit every single week. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t shame anyone. I don’t actually believe in bullying at all.”

During the interview, Arbour also shrugged off her critics, saying she didn’t understand why overweight people would be upset by the clip.

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“The video was about obese people. I was very specific that it’s not the average guy with some cushion for the pushin’. [The message is that] we really care about them and we want them to be healthy because I’m selfish and I want them to be around,” she told BBC. “I don’t think it’s a cheap laugh. Twenty million views isn’t that cheap. I’m an equal-opportunity offender and it all goes back to comedy.”

nicole arbour
Nicole Arbour in her “Dear Fat People” video

Many people don’t see the humor in it. To them, Arbour asks why they would watch the video in the first place — or show their children. “I think everyone is being a little too sensitive about everything,” she said. “My video was not aimed at children. I do not make children content. It was really unfortunate that a bunch of YouTube users of pre-teen audiences shared this video as if it was a speech.”

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Arbour’s six-minute video was briefly pulled down from YouTube, and has garnered over 18 million views on Facebook. In it, she says that fat-shaming is “not a thing” and dares “fat people” to chase her. Many viewers took offense, but according to Arbour, others actually enjoyed her jokes. 

“A lot of people get it,” she told BBC. “I’ve had a lot of fat people say this is hilarious. I’ve had a lot of fat people message me and say, ‘You made me want to put down the Oreos and go for a jog.'”

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