North Carolina Woman Looking for Missing ‘Jerk’ Cat in Viral Ad

So honest. A missing cat notice posted by a North Carolina woman named Mary Irwin has gone viral after Irwin admitted that her escaped feline is a “jerk” in a local ad.

Irwin shared in the ad that her cat named Babou went missing on Friday, June 9, and that she’s “mostly friendly” but also “kind of a jerk.”

The cat owner added that if you try to catch Babou, “she might run” and that she “has strong opinions about things.”

“She’s probably hiding somewhere, cursing my name,” Irwin told ABC News on Tuesday, June 13. She also added that when she and her not-so-friendly feline pal are reunited, she imagines it’ll be like a scene out of West Side Story.

“It’s going to be like the Sharks and the Jets and she’s going to be leading this team of wild cats,” Irwin joked. “She’ll show up in two weeks missing an ear and patches of hair and smoking a cigarette all like, ‘You should see the other guy. I’d tell you where he is but then I’d have to kill you.’”

Irwin told ABC News that she rescued the kitty after she and her husband, Don West, found her at a Target parking lot in 2011. “She ran across the parking lot and jumped into my arms. She was the coolest cat for six months and then she got spayed and that changed everything,” Irwin explained.

I suppose you may kiss my paw….#thequeen #babou #evilkitty #missher

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“She knows how she is supposed to behave, but she likes to see what she can get away with,” the owner added of why her cat’s a jerk. “She has a scratching post, but if she’s mad at us, she’ll wait until we’re looking at her, then she’ll walk over to the couch and stick out one paw and run it slowly down the side of the couch. Like a teenager.”

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