Olympic Rower Gevvie Stone: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (I Wanted to Marry Tom Brady)

Gevvie Stone
Gevvie Stone Harry How/Getty Images

Olympic rower (and doctor!) Gevvie Stone is getting ready for her second summer Games. Between training sessions, the single sculls racer took time to share 25 facts about herself with Us Weekly.

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1. I collect Pez dispensers.

2. I always have at least two flavors of ice cream in my freezer.

3. I'm named for two of my great-grandmothers, and they lived so long that I got to know them both.

4. I have ophidiophobia. Seeing snakes (or even a photo of a snake) immediately leads to hyperventilation and tachycardia.

5. Eating squash makes me sick.

6. My top bucket list items are: Ride my bike across the U.S., and sail the Norwegian fjords.

7. Last June I ate 30 scoops of ice cream in one evening.

8. "Walking on Broken Glass" is the most played song in my iTunes library.

9. As a kid, when I got to pick the movie, I would pick The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins. Both led to unhappy siblings.

10. I am a believer in the adult antistress coloring-book movement.

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11. I bake delicious blondies, if I do say so myself.

12. My great-great-uncle won a gold medal in rowing at the 1924 Olympics.

13. My college senior thesis was written about the use of busing to desegregate the public school systems of Boston and Charlotte, North Carolina.

14. I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma girl.

15. I tend to start arts-and-crafts projects and not finish them.

16. My nickname in college was "Baby Giraffe."

17. I broke my fibula during my second year of medical school … in a snowball fight.

18. My "last supper" would be banana pancakes with real maple syrup and a side of crispy bacon followed by mint-chip ice cream from JPLicks for dessert.

19. My first word was boat.

20. My college teammate chopped off a foot of my hair (with my permission) during freshman year in college, and I donated it to Locks of Love.

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21. While it was happening, I watched arthroscopic surgery being performed on my own knee.

22. I spent 11 summers in a brown-and-white uniform at an all-girls sleepaway camp. I’ll talk to you endlessly about camp if you let me.

23. My teddy bear's name is Abby. I've had her since my 1st birthday, and she still travels with me on trips.

24. I took voice lessons in high school … to very little avail.

25. I wanted to marry Tom Brady in high school.

The Rio Olympics begin August 5 and will be streamed live on NBCOlympics.com and on the NBC Sports app. The Rio Paralympics begin September 7 and will be streamed live on TeamUSA.org.

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