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Pete Wentz: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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25 Things You Don't Know About Pete Wentz 

Fall Out Boy musician and Best Ink host, Pete Wentz, 34, gets personal with Us. Fall Out Boy's new CD, Save Some Rock and Roll, is out now.

1. Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. I will probably dress up forever.

2. I can't watch scary movies. I cover my eyes or pretend I'm looking at my phone.

3. My heroes are '80s wrestlers.

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4. I make wishes on all the basics: Dandelions, candles, wishing wells.

5. I'm addicted to Japanese candy, like Green Tea Kit-Kats and Hi-Chews.

6. I only dance when I think nobody else is around, and it's always to thuggy hip-hop.

7. I play tennis almost every day.

8. I hate it when people touch the back of my neck.

9. I never dry myself off very well from showers. So I spend about an hour in semidamp clothes.

10. I love swap meets and garage sales.

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11. If I'm in a bad mood, shopping for other people makes me feel better.

12. I like gardening. It remains to be seen whether I'm any good!

13. I saved my toys from the '80s for 30 years to give to [his 4-year-old son] Bronx.

14. I'm a sucker for girls with Southern accents (well, just accents in general).

15. I can't stand the taste of black licorice.

16. Ordering coffee gives me crazy stage fright.

17. I got a keyhole tattoo after From Under the Cork Tree went platinum.

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18. I never forget a face, but I rarely remember a name.

19. Space Mountain is my favorite Disney ride.

20. I make chocolate chip pancakes for Bronx.

21. If I ever meet Michael Jordan, I might freak out.

22. My first crush was the Thunder Cats' Cheetara.

23. I enjoy art by José Parlá and Os Gêmeos.

24. I can get down with wearing a mask on my face and watching rom-coms.

25. In my house, we don't say bad guys in the movies are evil; we call them "troubled." For instance: "Darth Vader is very troubled."

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