Pornhub Turns Into Cornhub for April Fools’ Joke, Posts Hot, Steamy Corn Videos

Corniest joke ever! Pornhub made some drastic changes to its site this April Fools’ Day by temporarily changing the homepage into Cornhub, a site featuring hot, steamy vegetable videos.

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The entire prank website is filled with corn content and features a whole bunch of cornography videos. Viewers can actually watch “slob on the cob,” “hot young corn gets plowed” and “hard shucking like you’ve never seen!” The site even takes it as far as “sexy Japanese corn” and “hot interracial shuck” with blue and yellow maize.

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The jokesters at Pornhub recorded food-porn–style videos of delicious buttery corn on the cob and kernels, and changed their Twitter account name to Cornhub. But beware, If you click anywhere else on the site, it takes you back to the regular NSFW page.

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The hilarious April Fools’ switch-up seems to be going over well with users, unlike some of the countless prank from other companies. Google had to issue an apology after its “mic drop” button on emails caused serious backlash.

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