Priscilla Chan Talks Marriage to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg In First TV Interview: Pro-Hoodie, Met Him at Frat Party, Wants Kids

Priscilla Chan and Savannah Guthrie on the TODAY Show
Facebook's first lady Priscilla Chan gave her first-ever television interview to the Today show Friday, May 30. Bill Reitzel/NBC

Like! Priscilla Chan, the wife of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, gave her first-ever television interview to the Today show‘s Savannah Guthrie on Friday, May 30. During the loaded segment, Chan divulged how she was first pursued by the Silicon Valley magnate, in addition to her husband’s preference for hoodies and whether or not they plan to expand their family.

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“It’s incredibly odd,” Chan said of being part of a power couple with Zuck, 30, whom she met while waiting in a bathroom line at a Harvard frat party. “I thought he was just this really interesting guy, who really wasn’t that studious.” She explained: “On our first date, he told me that he’d rather go on a date with me than finish his take-home midterm. The type-A first child in me was appalled.”

“I’ve since learned that he’s very bright,” Chan said, “and his type of learning is different than my approach to learning.” She’s also learned through the years that Zuckerberg, though a billionaire business exec, also has a softer side unbeknownst to the masses. “I think it’s a shame when people don’t see the funny, thoughtful Mark that I know,” she said. “He is incredibly sensitive and really cares about what other people need and want and really wants to be able to make someone else’s day. And that’s the Mark that I see.”

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One example of Zuckerberg’s sensitive side is how he looks after the couple’s Hungarian sheep dog, Beast. “The dog is [Mark’s] second priority after Facebook,” Chan said, elaborating how Zuckerberg spends “probably 30 minutes every day” making sure the poochwho has his very own Facebook fan pageis “happy and satisfied.” She mused, “We have very different approaches to Beast, and so that might be duplicated when we have kids.”

Though she and Zuck “would love to have kids,” it might take some time between Chan completing med school and Zuck focused on his empire. She added how the two are also “so busy taking care of other people’s children right now.” The former schoolteacher and her husband also announced Thursday, May 29, that they will donate $120 million to help Bay Area public schools.

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priscilla chan's dog beast
Courtesy of Priscilla Chan

While Chan shared insight on her hubby’s “thoughtful” side, there is one Zuckerberg trademark that remains consistent to all: His signature black zip-up hoodie.

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“I’m pro-hoodie,” joked Chan. “He wears a fresh hoodie every day so that pretty much meets my lowest barrier for him. I’m more concerned that he eats regularly.” Facebook’s first lady explained how her husband tends to get excited at work and sometimes forgets to eat (he’ll later complain about feeling sick). “I’m happy with whatever he wants to wear, as long as it’s appropriate for where we’re going. So he can’t wear it to weddings. And he can’t wear it to baby showers. But he can do whatever else he wants.”

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