Real Housewives of New York’s Ramona Singer: LuAnn de Lesseps”Threw Me Under the Bus” in St. Barths

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Real Housewives of New York fans won't soon forget the St. Barth's trip — and neither will Ramona Singer!  In her latest blog for Us Weekly, Singer writes about the post-vacation fallout as seen on Monday night's episode.

Well. we are back from St Barth's and there is still a lot to talk about!

LuAnn, Sonja and I spent some time rehashing A-diva's antics in St Barth's. Isn't LuAnn's selective memory quite the gift? She doesn't really remember saying the dynamics would change herself. She doesn’t quite think she threw me under the bus. She doesn't think A-diva's actions were completely uncalled for. Things between her and Jacques? Perfect! It's like nothing ever happened. LuAnn only remembers what she wants to.

Looks like Heather and Carole had a great girls' night out! How judgmental is Carole? Discussing how 'wasted' Sonja was as she is throwing back shots herself? She and Heather were getting totally wasted drinking martinis and doing shots in a public restaurant. They were holding each other up when they left the bar. I find it ironic she got smashed on alcohol and yet makes comments about Sonja having drinks in the privacy of a home in a private villa. Who elected Carole the judge and jury?! Carole was too stoned in St Barth's to know what was going on and because of this she was unable to be a good hostess and evaluate situations. (Checkout her crib.)

We all enjoyed the pre St Barth's Aviva. But now she became the post St. Barth's A-diva. Where is all her anger coming from? Aviva seems to be obsessed by going on, and on. Why can't she let it go? I don't understand, and it's becoming tiring to everyone. Is A-diva's life so empty that this is all she can focus on? I couldn't believe how she acted towards Sonja when they met up in NYC. It seems as if Aviva is jealous of the strong bond between me and Sonja.

Sonja and I are like sisters. We love being together. That's not insecurity. That's enjoying each other’s company.

I apologized not once, but twice to Aviva. She's still ranting about me!

A-diva never said she was sorry to Sonja. She only said, "Things slipped from my mouth." A-diva was acting so self righteous and never took any blame on herself. I can't believe she said I kept on bullying her. I apologized twice to her and I never told Reid to leave. I just spoke about it and vented my feelings to the girls before they arrived. Aviva doesn't hold grudges? Are you kidding me?! I nearly choked when I heard her say that as my stomach turns.

I'm currently headed to the Mall of America for the first time! I will be doing an appearance tonight so be sure to get all the details as well as exclusive videos and blogs on Don't forget to visit 'Ask Ramona' to corner me with all of your juicy questions!

Til next week!

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