Reese’s Fan Wins $10,000 for Naming Daughter Reese E. Cupp

Reese E. Cupp
Reese E. Cupp Renee Cupp

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who give their kids unusual monikers! A North Carolina woman named Renee Cupp and her husband, Eric Cupp, named their daughter Reese E. Cupp in honor of their favorite candy, and that choice has proven to be a particularly lucrative one.

To celebrate Reese’s latest innovation — Reese’s Outrageous Bars – Hershey’s, the company that makes the chocolate and peanut butter candies, decided to reward some of their most passionate fans who have taken their love of Reese’s to an “outrageous” level. Given Reese’s clever name, the Cupp family handily won the challenge, and received a whopping $10,000 from Hershey’s.

As a tribute to the most outrageous fan’s family, the candy company even proclaimed June 14 “Reese E. Cupp Day” and agreed to pronounce the product Reese-EE for one day only.

As you may have guessed, the Cupp family loves Reese’s products, but they didn’t always intend on naming their second daughter, now 8, after the candy. However, since the couple named their older daughter after Eric — her name is Erica — they eventually decided to pick a name that more closely resembled Renee’s, and landed on Reese Eve.

“We wanted to embrace the humor and have fun with Reese’s name,” Renee told Today. “Everyone we’ve mentioned it to up until this point thinks that it is very cute.”

Fittingly enough, little Reese is a fan of Reese’s products and actually loves “most anything chocolate.” And believe it or not, the Cupp’s dedication to Reese’s goes beyond their daughter’s name — Eric has the outline of a Reese’s Cup, with Reese Eve in the middle, tattooed on his arm.

“Overall, I’d say that the name Reese fits our daughter very well,” Renee concluded. “Just look at her bright and bubbly smile, she looks like a Reese … it suits her.”

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