Rory Feek Looks Back at ‘Incredible’ Christmas With Wife Joey, Daughter Indiana

Joey Feek and Rory Feek of Joey & Rory
Joey Feek and Rory Feek of Joey & Rory Rick Diamond/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM

It was a very merry Christmas for the Feek family. Country singer Rory Feek opened up about his "incredible" holiday weekend with his ailing wife, Joey Feek, and their daughter, Indiana, in a new post on his blog, This Life I Live, on Monday, December 28.

The loving husband began the post with a passage from his baby girl's favorite children's book, The Gruffalo. "'A Gruffalo … what’s a Gruffalo?'" Rory excerpted from the illustrated book. "'A Gruffalo … why, didn’t you know? There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!'"

He then compared the tale to his family's reality. "In the story, a mouse goes for a stroll through the deep dark wood to find a nut, and he comes upon some difficult obstacles that stand in his way. In order to keep going, the mouse ‘makes up’ something called a Gruffalo," he wrote. "The mouse knows it’s not true. But everyone else believes his story. The best part of the book is that in the end, the very thing that he imagined in his head, turns out to be real. And the mouse found a way to be brave through something that should have been very scary. That’s a little like our holidays here [this] year."

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...celebrating Christmas with Joey, surrounded by family. The best gift of all. Thank you Lord.

Posted by Joey and Rory on Friday, December 25, 2015

Last month, Rory shared that his wife would be entering hospice care to spend her final days "at peace" with their family. Joey was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer in 2014, but she decided to stop chemotherapy treatments in October after they proved ineffective. Over the last several months, the Feeks have opted to publicly document their journey on Facebook and the blog to inspire their followers and fans to live with strength and love.

The process, however, has been emotionally draining and trying. "In early November, Christmas seemed still so far away. And the prognosis was clear that there was a good chance Joey wasn’t going to be with us then and that this Christmas was going to be a difficult one to get through," Rory wrote in his latest update. "So like the mouse in Indy’s story, we all began to ‘make up’ our own Gruffalo. Ours was the belief that it was going to be a wonderful, magical Christmas. We didn’t really believe it – down deep inside we knew we knew better – but still we told ourselves and each other that it was going to be great. And we trudged on through the deep dark wood. And when we got to the other side, it turned out that our Gruffalo was real too. Christmas had come and Joey was not only here with us, but she was doing well and we all had an amazing day together."

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Rory shared photos from their special day with family members, including Joey's stepdaughters, his girls from a previous relationship, Heidi and Hopie. "It truly was an incredible Christmas! Sometimes believing is seeing," he concluded. "And so as the New Year approaches, we will continue to believe and trust that what is waiting on the other side of the deep, dark wood is something even better and more beautiful than our minds can even imagine. And yes, our little Indiana had a wonderful Christmas this year. I think her favorite gift was getting her very own Gruffalo."

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