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Ryan Gosling Saves Woman from Getting Hit by an NYC Taxi

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Ryan Gosling attends the "Ides Of March" Los Angeles Premiere at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater on September 27, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

NYC's resident A-list good Samaritan strikes again!

In the Big Apple on Wednesday, Ryan Gosling sprung into action and saved yet another pedestrian from harm's way.

According to the lucky woman (who happens to be a British journalist) and her Twitter account, the actor prevented her from walking into oncoming traffic.

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"I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. Literally. That actually just happened," Laurie Penny tweeted.

Afterward, in true journalistic form, Penny typed up an article for NYC's news and gossip blog, In the piece, titled, "Ryan Gosling Saved Me From a Speeding Car But There's War In the Middle East So Everyone Calm Down," she describes the event.

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"I didn't remember to look the right way. An actor happened to be passing and stopped me from getting run over by a car. I said 'thank you.' And that was that. The actor happened to be Ryan Gosling."

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In August, Gosling, 31, made headlines when he singlehandedly broke up a fight between two men in NYC, who got into an altercation when one tried to steal a painting.

"Ryan put a stop to it, then he asked, 'How much is the painting?'" a witness described to Us Weekly. "Ryan gave him a $20 and said, 'Does this cover what the man owes you?' The painter thanked him and said yes. Ryan said 'good,' and continued on his way."

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