Sadie Robertson, 17, Urges Fans to “Live Original”: Watch Duck Dynasty Star’s Viral Video Message

Sadie Robertson viral video duck dynasty
Watch 17-year-old Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson's viral video message in which she urges fans to "live original." Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Quack, quack, preach! Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson is the star of YouTube's latest viral video, in which she implored fans to "be you and live original."

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant, 17, sat down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America on Monday, April 6, where she discussed how the video came to life. "I mean, I just got out of the shower one day and I was in my pajamas laying in bed. And I was kind of preaching to myself," Robertson shared.

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The dimpled teen was hesitant about sharing the clip so publicly, but her younger sister Bella urged her to do so. "I posted it," Sadie noted. "And next thing I know, I'm on Good Morning America talking about it."

In the clip, the high school student talks about her own personal insecurities. "People are really comparing themselves to others," she notes in the video, calling out people's "thigh gap goals" and "eyebrow goals."

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"I am 5 foot 7. I weigh 122 pounds, I wear a size 26 in jeans," she continues. "A small or a medium top (just depends on what I'm wearing). I wear a size 2 in a dress, and I eat all the time. I'm not toned. I don't have abs. Nope, definitely don't have abs. I actually do have a thigh gap and that's only because I'm really bow-legged and my thighs have never been able to touch."

Along with her self-perceived physical "imperfections" come a slew of what she sees as character flaws. "I struggle with jealousy, and I struggle with comparing myself to other people," Robertson says. "I struggle with worry and I'm really hard on myself. I'm just like every other girl. I look in the mirror and I pick out the flaw, which is embarrassing but it's true. I overthink everything and I'm definitely not perfect at all. I have a hard time with people not liking me."

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The driving point of her message? "I want to see people start living original," she says in the seven-minute clip. "About a year ago, I started preaching about confidence. That's mainly because I struggle with confidence…. If you want to have goals, that's great, but my point is: Don't look at somebody and say, 'That's what I want to be.' Because in reality, if you're seeking self-approval or human approval, you're never going to reach your goal. You can only reach it by God."

The reality star — who has a new, positive-focused, back to school line with DaySpring — notes to followers: "You can only be the best you you can be." She also reiterates the reality that "there will always be somebody" prettier, stronger, smarter in the endless scale of comparisons.

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While appearing on GMA on Monday, the precocious teen defended her faith. "God is my rock for me," she reflected. "People can hate on me, but that's not the way they have to live and I'm not saying you have to live that way… but for me that's what gets me through life."

Watch her sweet message above!

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