Scandal’s Bellamy Young: Michelle Obama Should Run for the Senate

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Mellie Grant has officially thrown her hat in the Senate ring on Scandal, and if the actress who plays her had her say, another strong woman would follow her TV lead in real life: Michelle Obama. “Lead us, Michelle Obama! Nothing would please me more,” Bellamy Young enthused in a Friday, May 8 chat on HuffPost Live.

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As Scandals fictional constituents come to terms with the idea of a First Lady running for Senate, Young told HuffPost Live she doesn’t understand the gender divide in politics.

Bellamy Young
Scandal’s Bellamy Young hopes Michelle Obama would run for the Senate. “Lead us, Michelle Obama!” she said in a HuffPost Live interview. Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

“It’s archaic that there are the possibility of laws that would prohibit any person following their potential to fruition,” said Young, whose Mellie Grant is the wife of Scandal‘s President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn). “I have always felt like democracy is a privilege, so if you’re not paying attention, shame on you. It takes all of us to move things forward, and part of the reason things happen is because people don’t stay involved.”

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With one week left before Scandal‘s much-anticipated season 4 finale, Young wouldn’t be surprised if Mellie runs for president down the line. “I hope she at least gets to try,” said the star. “Mellie’s her own worst enemy and she throws up obstacles for herself — there are enough obstacles in Washington to begin with — but I’d really like to go with her on that journey.”

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Still, given the volatile nature of Shonda Rhimes‘ latest season (B613, anyone?!), Young realizes the need to relish her character regardless of her trajectory, because Mellie could end up on the other side of Huck’s drill at some point.

“Since Game of Thrones, if any actor tells you they feel secure in their jobs, they’re lying. I love my job, but [Shonda’s] in charge. Whenever we have table reads, Josh Malina always flips to the last page, saying that if he’s talking, he’s breathing, and if he’s breathing, he’s alive,” Young joked. “In Shondaland, if she zigs, it’s like a slingshot and she’s just getting momentum for her next zag.”

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