Super Bowl 2013: How to Throw A Great Bash for Game Day

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Audi, known for its star-studded Super Bowl parties, is gearing up for another fete this year in New Orleans. For anyone not lucky enough to score an invite to the uber-exclusive event, Audi's General Manager of Communications Andrew Lipman tells you how to throw the perfect Super Bowl party at home.

1. Be strategic with the guest list:  Quality over quantity is always better: a party is more fun with a dynamic group of people, than an overly packed room.  Audi always keeps our Super Bowl parties exclusive which is why they continue to attract A-listers year after year.

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2. Send an invite: In New Orleans, and everywhere else in the country there are a ton of different Super Bowl parties taking place, making it even more important to send out your invitations in a timely manner. Even if it's a simple evite, make sure your guests have the date, time and location on their calendars at least two weeks in advance.

3. Get creative with a venue: Audi has thrown Super Bowl parties everywhere from private estates, hotel penthouses and this year, an art museum. Move your party from the living room to your backyard if you live in a warm climate or rent out space at a local dive and host your guests there for an unexpected venue change.

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4. Pick a theme and stick with it: It's important, no matter how big or small, to have a theme. Rather than go with the obvious choice of your team's colors, weaving in metallics like silver or gold can give your event a festive vibe without feeling over the top.

5. Food for thought: You may think of wings as the staple game day food but spice up your menu with updated classic comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese bites. Or pay homage to this year's host city by cooking up Cajun favorites such as mini cups of gumbo or beignets.

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6. Match the music to the vibe: With a diverse crowd, comes different musical tastes. Create a playlist composed of new hits and old favorites across a wide range of genres to ensure that everyone there knows at least a few songs. Even though the main focus is on the TV, it's important to have a soundtrack for before and after the big game. Beyonce makes everybody want to dance so playing a few of her hits or maybe even breaking out some old Destiny's Child will get your guests amped for the upcoming halftime show.

7. Appeal to diehard fans and non-game watchers: Super Bowl is a cultural event and even though it's a big moment for many sports fans, the non-football fans attending your party are just as important. Create a poll around the ads or halftime performance to appeal to every type of guest at your party.

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