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SPOILER: Find Out Who Bachelor Jake Picked!

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Sorry Tenley fans: On Monday's Bachelor finale, Jake Pavelka chose Vienna Girardi, a 23-year-old Florida-based marketing representative, to be his wife.

It wasn't an easy decision: At the beginning of the episode, he said he was conflicted and in love with both women.

He took Tenley, a 25-year-old college admissions officer from Newberg, Ore., to meet his folks – and she was an instant hit.

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She opened up to his mother about her first failed marriage. "She touched me," Jake's mother said. "I would be honored to have Tenley in the family. She is just such a sweetheart." His father even said, "I met my future daughter-in-law today."

Initially, Vienna wasn't as smooth with Jake's folks. Perhaps it was because Jake introduced her as the "girl that nobody liked."

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Vienna also admitted to Jake's family that "the girls hated me," adding that her problem was that she was always "brutally honest" with them.

"Vienna's not connecting well for the family," said Jake's mother. "I am very concerned about Vienna." She told Jake that if Vienna had trouble with the other girls, she feels Vienna likely would have problems with Jake's female relatives.

But in the end, Jake's family said they felt guilty for judging Vienna; they said that they think Vienna really does love and care for Jake. Said Jake's mom, "I think she would make a very good wife for him."

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For his final date with Vienna, Jake took her to a steamy mud bath in St. Lucia's volcanic sulphur springs. "When Jake was rubbing mud all over my body, I was melting," Vienna said, later calling Jake her "soul mate."

She even gave Jake a promise ring that her father had given him.

For his final date with Tenley, they went snorkeling with dolphins in the coral reefs of St. Lucia. "Jake is the guy I want to marry," she said, describing their date as "perfect."

But things turned semi-sour when Jake told her that their "physical chemistry" was not as hot as their "emotional chemistry."

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In tears, Tenley said she was "hurt" that he said he didn't feel heat with her.

"I am not all that confident about Jake choosing me," she said, adding that it's "hard to be in love with somebody and not know how they feel about you."

Jake admitted that his timing on the yacht was bad. "I apologize for making you feel the way I did on the boat," he said. He later explained that he probably was trying to find something bad with Tenley because she seemed so perfect.

"I feel like Tenley could definitely be the girl for me," he said.

Neither final date gave Jake more clarity – he said he was still in love with both women.

After picking out the rings and thinking, he made his decision.

Holding Tenley's hand, Jake said he had "an amazing time" getting to know her and loved so many things about her, including that they have the same "values, moral and temperament." Jake was brought to tears as he told her she was "perfect."

But then he told her that he didn't know what it was, but "something just doesn't feel right." He told her he felt like he was forcing it with her.

"I don't know what to say," a tearful Tenley replied. "I am looking for a man to love me for everything that I am."

Sobbing, she added: "Thank you for showing me what I could have. I believe, because of you, I can love and let somebody love me … Thank you for making me feel special."

"I will never forget you," he told her.

"I have loved falling in love with you, and I love feeling alive again," she then told him. "Thank you for giving it to me."

When Vienna arrived, he told she was beautiful and she said she was "completely" in love with him.

Almost whispering, Jake told her she was an "amazing" woman. He gave her back the promise ring and she cried. "There's something else, and I don't want you to ever forget this: Vienna, I love you," he said, and she hugged him.

As he got down on one knee, she said, "Oh, my God."

"Vienna, I love you with everything that I am," he began.

"I love you so much!" she said.

"Vienna, will you marry me?" he asked.

"Yes!" Vienna cried. "I am so happy right now!"

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