ICYMI, This Painfully Awkward Jerry Lewis Interview Went Viral

All the cringes! Jerry Lewis sat down for a painfully awkward interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which he gave one-word answers and a whole lot of sass.

The legendary yet notoriously difficult comedian, 90, chatted with the publication for a seven-minute video — posted on Monday, December 19 — and it was excruciatingly awkward. According to THR, the clip is the outlet’s most-viewed video in history and reached more than 1.2 million views by Wednesday morning.

The showbiz vet made things a bit uncomfortable by giving curt responses to the questions of editor Andy Lewis, who has no relation to Jerry. The telethon host flustered Andy by leading the conversation nowhere.

Asked if he ever thought about retiring, a seemingly agitated Jerry responded, “Why?” When Andy tried to position the question a different way, Jerry continued to repeat, “Why?”

While the THR writer moved on to a slew of different topics, nothing seemed to cheer up Jerry — who remained grumpy throughout the entire chat. Not even questions about his late comedy partner Dean Martin could bring a smile to his face. Pressed about his favorite memories with Martin, who died on Christmas Day 1995, Jerry said he’d rather not share any of them.

When Andy wrote about his thorny interaction for THR, he suggested that Jerry enjoyed making the reporter squirm. “As awkward and funny … as the interview is, it weirdly proves the point of the entire package: 90-year-old Jerry Lewis is vital,” he observed, “and completely engaged … almost happy — in being difficult.”

Celebrities took to social media to sound off on Jerry’s interview, many of them expressing that they can relate to the comedian’s crabby demeanor.

“Sums up how I feel when I sit down for an interview. I’m jealous of Jerry!” Sarah Palin tweeted, and Howard Stern wrote, “I’ve watched this twice and winding up for number three. Best ever.”

Added Jerry Seinfeld via Twitter, “Love this and Jerry L. so much. The essence of every comedian on display. Wish this was mine.”

Watch Jerry’s interview above. 

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