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Tiger Woods’ Signature Shows a Search “for Sexual Gratification”

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On Tiger Woods' website — above a message in which the philandering golfer, 33, says he is taking a hiatus from golf to focus "on being a better husband, father, and person" — his dramatic signature is featured.

Two handwriting experts tell it speaks volumes.

"The writing is illegible, which indicates a strong need for privacy or a desire to hide some part of oneself from public view," says Sheila Lowe, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis.

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The capital letters, which are disproportionately taller than the lowercase letters, shows "his intense pride," Lowe says, adding that "he sees himself as intensely ambitious and larger than life."

Adds Arlyn Imberman, author of Signature for Success: "The height of the 'T' in Tiger and the 'D' in Woods soar into the stratosphere. This illustrates his ambition and idealism."

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The third stroke of Woods' 'W' curves to the left, forming an umbrella, "which protects others from knowing him too well and is a form of self-involvement," Imberman tells Us.

Imberman also points how the 'G' in Tiger is greatly disproportionate to the rest of the writing. She tells Us this "represents the search for sexual gratification and the acquisition of money. The writing is contracted rather than expanded, so most likely, Tiger looked to sex as a form of release, which is not the same as emotional involvement."

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The extension of the letter "S" is Woods' way of "looking out for the next challenge," Imberman tells Us. "The baseline is straight and balanced, which shows his discipline and self-control."

Although Lowe warns that a signature "by itself" often only tells readers what he "wants the public to know about him," handwriting is also "filled with symbolism."

For instance, the analyst says, the 'W' letter "points back at Tiger, almost like an accusation. This suggests to me that he felt guilty about some of his activities and, in some sense, felt that he deserved to be caught."

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