Are Top Sheets Necessary on Your Bed? Debate Rages Over Divisive GQ Story

John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell in Step Brothers.
John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell in Step Brothers. Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Oh sheet! After GQ posted an article titled “F@*# Top Sheets” that argued the flat linens aren’t good for anything besides getting into a tangled mess at the bottom of your bed, people took to Twitter to debate the merits of the sheet that goes between you and your blanket or duvet.

“You can’t control me … I am chaos,” the GQ article says of the flat sheet. The writer contends that top sheets are just too long, and they always make the bed look messier when one little corner sticks out. She points out they are designed to be the length of your bed without taking into account that our heads take up a good portion of that length.

“The top sheet doesn’t limit itself to one variety of tangle. It can bungle itself into a long coil … that resembles a twisted Parmesan breadstick,” the writer continues. "It drifts up to bother your pillows. Most often, it forms a baseboard mountain range if it has been kicked during the night.”

While some agreed with the anti-top sheet article, many were outraged by the idea that you don’t need this bedding essential. The pro-top sheet crowd immediately began responding with all the reasons why you absolutely can’t live without this linen on your bed: temperature regulation, overall presentation of the bed, less frequent washing of your duvet and more.

“If you make your bed everyday (which you should) your top sheet will stay nice and you will feel nice!” one Twitter user wrote.

“People who don’t use top sheets are not to be trusted in matters of hygiene or temperature regulation,” another user tweeted.

See Twitter users debate the pros and cons of the top sheet below: 

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