People Are Dragging This Vancouver Bar for Their Photo of a Pint of Guinness: Find Out Why!

Guinness poor pour

Are you serious, lad? A Vancouver bar is getting dragged on social media for a photo they posted of a pint of Guinness. The reason? The glass is overflowing with foam and some of the precious, wasted beer is splattered on the table.

The company shared the snapshot with customers to promote their St. Patrick’s Day party. Instead of beer cheers, however, those offended hit back with criticism about the sticky mess.

“*Every person in #Ireland collectively screams in horror* #RailtownCafe #StPatricksDay,” one person captioned the pic on Twitter, adding a shamrock emoji.

Guinness pour
Railtown Cafe's second photo of a pint of Guinness. Courtesy Railtown Cafe/Instagram

A second added: “#StPaddysDay v #StPattysDay argument begins, alongside quite possibly the most horrible looking pint of #Guinness from @RailtownCafe.”

Owner Dan Olson reacted to the backlash in an interview with Canada’s The Star. “[It] was a little too artsy and it really struck a chord with some of our Irish clientele out there,” he said. “People took it quite serious. They felt like we were digging at their heritage basically, so anyway, that’s one thing we’ve learned so far: Don’t mess with a person and their Guinness.”

Patrick McMurray, owner of Ceili Cottage, said that there is an art in pouring Guinness. “It takes 119.5 seconds, just about two minutes and it’s a double-pour cascade,” he said. “If it’s not properly poured it’s not presented to you properly. Eyes eat first, so your eyes are going to be jealous of what your tongue is tasting.”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was also blasted about his Guinness intake. Some thought the tiny pint he held at the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon in Washington, D.C., on Thursday was rubbish.

“Just how long has that pint been sat there? I can barely look,” Neil Wilson, campaigns director for Conservatives for Liberty, said, via BBC.

Read more reactions below:

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