Aspiring Model Vin Los Has Tattoos All Over Face: Pictures

Canadian model Vin Los with facial tattoos
Vin Los, a 24-year-old aspiring model from Montreal, opens up about the tattoos all over: "I want to embody pop culture," he says.  Courtesy of Vin Los

This is the Internet's latest sensation — and it's written in the stars, er, on his face! 

Vin Los is an aspiring model from Montreal who's been making a splash online for his tattoos, most of which can be found on his face. The 24-year-old Canadian opened up to Vice about the meaning behind his ink, his career goals, and people's reaction to him.  

With the words "FAME" etched into his forehead, "ICONIC FACE" on his left cheek, and "SEX BOMB" on his throat, among other seemingly meaningless sayings, Los said he wants to be a living artifact of our celebrity-obsessed times. "I want to embody pop culture. You could look at me in a hundred years from now and really get the idea of what pop culture was like in the early 2010s. I want to be an image for people to look at, something that has an impact." 

vin los selfie
Courtesy of Vin Los


In addition to the face tats, he has follicles of chest hair tattooed on his chest.  Despite his striking look, Los says that he's surprised that he still hasn't gotten a modeling contract, and he's stuck with a 9-to-5 for now. "I work at a supermarket right now and I want to die. I want to wake up in the morning and have meetings with people, take pictures, and make your dreams come true." 

Getting his first tattoo when he was "about 16 or 17 years" old, the Canadian admitted that his extreme ink has caused an estrangement from his parents. "They judged me based on my tattoos and we haven’t seen each other in two years," he confessed. "I talk to my mom once a week but my dad has stopped all communication. The reason my mom doesn’t want to see me in person is that I think it would be too hard for her." 

vin los wearing wreath
Courtesy of Vin Los

Regardless, Los says he's owning his ink. "A puzzled stare is one that’s gonna last. I want to create a myth, a mystery," he said. "A lot of people ask me if I’m scared I might regret it one day. If I was indecisive, I don’t think I would write on my face." 

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