Watch a Giant Lizard Poop All Over an Us Weekly Animal Planet Video Shoot Gone Horribly Wrong

Lizards are crazy. In honor of Animal Planet’s Monster Week, Us Weekly’s Monique Meneses met four predators from around the world — with the help of Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni of course — and one reptile in general really let loose…

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Salmoni first introduced Us to a somewhat innocent looking bearcat, which — fun fact! — smells like popcorn. “It’s definitely an odd smell for an animal,” Salmoni confirms.

“The one thing that’s interesting about these guys is the females, their girl parts sometimes look like boy parts, and the boys’ sometimes look like girl parts,” the animal guru added.

Animal Planet

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And before getting introduced to an adorable black leopard, which has strong enough claws to carry a predator five-times its weight up a tree, a lizard defecated all over the video shoot, sending Meneses into a serious scare. 

“I guess the monitor lizard is not a fan of Us Weekly,” Meneses jokes.

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Watch the video above — and warning — we’re not joking about the poop… Monster Week runs through May 25 on Animal Planet.

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