Wes Bentley Shared a Love of Poetry With Heath Ledger

 Eric Ray Davidson for DETAILS

It's been nearly four years since Wes Bentley lost his best friend Heath Ledger to a prescription pill overdose, but the late actor's memory still lives on in The Hunger Games star's heart.

"He was as close as a person could be to me without being my actual brother. We both had that thing in us — a bit of reckless fearlessness," Bentley, 33, says in the February issue of Details.

"Whenever we got together, especially early on, we were all about pushing ourselves to be better. Not just as actors, but with our lives, too — the way we approached relationships, reading and writing poetry."

According to Bentley, their shared love of poetry did more than simply solidify their friendship — it also made for some unforgettable stories.

"He wrote his poetry on the computer. I wrote mine by hand. One time — this was in London, early in the morning, and we'd been up all night — I was reading from his computer, and I turned to him and said, 'This is beautiful, man, but I hate reading on computers,'" Bentley recalls. "He walked right up, grabbed the laptop, snapped it over his knee, and threw it off the balcony. Then he looked down and went, 'Oh f-ck. Shouldn't have done that.'"

Like Ledger, Bentley has battled with addiction. The former heroin addict entered a 12-step program in 2009 and has remained sober ever since.

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