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Why Won’t Amber Heard Go to the Gym?

Amber Heard arrives at the "Paranoia" - Los Angeles Premiere
Amber Heard says she likes to work out but hates going to the gym

That's it — we officially want to trade lives with Amber Heard.

Not only does the "Paranoia" star get to go home to Johnny Depp, but the 27-year-old beauty also keeps her sleek physique without stepping foot in a gym.

"I'm pretty active," Heard told omg! on Thursday about her fitness routine. "I'm just not into hitting the gym. I don't like the idea of going into a place and having a set routine."

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The actress confessed she does work at staying in shape though.

"I do move, I do workout," she continued. "I like to hike, I run, I ride horses. I just like to keep it fun and mix it up."

Amber was sans Depp at the premiere of "Paranoia" in Hollywood last night (she brought her dad as her date) and while she wouldn't discuss her personal life, she was more than willing to dish on working with co-star Liam Hemsworth.

"We're friends so it was great to work with him," she revealed.

So if they are buds was it awkward to have to film love scenes with him?

"I teased, I pranked, and I made fun of him the entire time," she laughed. As for one prank in particular…we'll let Amber explain.

"I substituted my arm for a large, black dildo in one of our more intimate scenes," she recalled.

"Anytime you shoot something intimate in a movie you have a whole crew watching," Liam, 23, also told omg! on Thursday. "It's scary and a little uncomfortable. I think the best thing to do is make jokes through it and we definitely had a few pranks."

"Paranoia" hits theaters on August 16.

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