Girl, 5, Lets Cow Into House, Gets Out of Trouble With Lies and Cuteness: Video

Dr. Doolittle has some competition! Kids are known for telling little white lies, but 5-year-old Breanna took it to the next level in a new viral video taken by her mom Billie Jo Decker. The cutie patootie had clearly let her family cow into the house, and when confronted about it, managed to fib her way out of trouble. 

“The, the, the door was open. I was looking out, and I came in and the door was open,” she exclaimed, tripping over her words in the YouTube video, which currently has more than 1.8 million views. “And her was pooping, but I cleaned it up.”

“No you didn’t,” her skeptical mom replied. 

little girl and cow

When her clearly made-up stories about how the cow got inside weren’t working, Breanna decided to up her cuteness, joking around before finally cozying up to the cow, who was lying on the floor of the family’s porch. 

Nestled in the crook of the cow’s stomach, Breanna giggled before her family pet placed her head in Breanna’s lap.  

“This is so special,” her mom could be heard saying in the video. “You have no idea how special this is.” 

The clip was originally posted in April, but went viral recently when it was featured on Reddit.

Watch the precious clip to see what happens next!

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